Jul/Aug 2007
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Cover Story
Fundamentalism has nothing to do with the fundamentals of Christianity. Radical religious fundamentalism, the polar opposite of Jesus' teachings, is a fertile breeding ground for hatred and prejudice.

Those Terrifying Terroris
People are more important than ideas!


Heading in the Right Direction
A brush with death puts life in perspective.

Trapped in the Watchtower
Remember this the next time a "JW"knocks.

The Snare of Legalism
Tell-tale signs of a legalistic group or cult.

Do Christians Need a Breakthrough
Is physical prosperity God's priority?

The Power of Praise
We're never too old to appreciate a pat on the back.



Contents & Letters

Commentary — Greg Albrecht

Growing Places — Susan Reedy

He Asked Me to Remind You — Steve Brown

Parodies of Piety — Jim Fowler

Tender Mercies — Ruth A. Tucker

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