Jul/Aug 2008
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Savvy Seniors Cover Story
It's been said that getting old is reaching the top of the mountain, a vantage point that allows you to know all the answers, and sitting there waiting for someone to ask you a question. We decided to ask our senior readers some questions—here are their views from the top!


"I Can't Be Depressed...I'm a Christian"
Depression is no respector of persons.

Christian Oasis

Christian Oasis in the Holy Land
A unique perspective of Palestinian Christians.

Our Father in Heaven

Our Father in Heaven
How significant is the Lord's Prayer?

Hooked on Religion... Hooked on Religion...How to Kick the Habit
"Doing church” can be addicting.


Contents & Letters

Commentary — Greg Albrecht

Growing Places — Susan Reedy

He Asked Me to Remind You — Steve Brown

Parodies of Piety — Jim Fowler

Tender Mercies — Ruth A. Tucker

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