Sep/Oct 2009
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Through the Desert in a Cult with No Name… Cover Story
To former members and those who encounter this cult, they are known by a variety of nicknames: 2X2s (two-by-twos), Cooneyites, Irvinites, Dippers, Go-Preachers, the Tramps and the No-Names. It is the very anonymity and simplicity of the No-Names that enables their cult to grow largely undetected, like termites in a home, noticed only when the damage is too costly to ignore.


Encouraging messages from PTM’s electronic, online teaching ministry.

Christianity Has No Holy Places

Christianity Has No Holy Places
Authentic Christian landmarks are alive.

The Christian Ambus

The Christian Ambush
A true story of “evangelism” gone terribly wrong.

Tricked-Out Confession

Tricked-Out Confession
Repentance God’s way is refreshingly simple.



Contents & Letters

Commentary — Greg Albrecht

Growing Places — Susan Reedy

He Asked Me to Remind You — Steve Brown

Parodies of Piety — Jim Fowler

Tender Mercies — Ruth A. Tucker

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