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Albrecht Welcome to CWR/PTM

Albrecht Food Trucks and the Gospel

PTMIs God Punishing You?

PTMIncredibly Good News

Albrecht – Grace – Free refills!

Albrecht Fly Me to the Moon

Albrecht The Parable of the Two Pennies

Albrecht The New Math of God's Grace

Albrecht Fathers, Mothers and Kids

Albrecht – The Little Engine That Could

Albrecht Parents Day

Albrecht Say Cheese!

Albrecht Say a Few Words

Albrecht Do Your Possessions Possess You?

Albrecht Be Fruitful and Multiply

Albrecht You Don't Belong Here

Albrecht The Religious Version of the Prodigal Son

Albrecht & Jersak – Three Views of Hell

Albrecht & Jersak – God's Love -- What's Hell Got to Do With It?

Albrecht Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

Albrecht How Does the Living Water Get Where it Needs to Go?

Albrecht & Jersak – The Cross – Wrath or Love?

Albrecht & Jersak – Is God Mean and Vindictive?

Albrecht The Bible in a Christ-Centered Perspective

Albrecht Waking Up on Third Base

Albrecht He Loves Us Anyway

Albrecht Judging by Appearances

Albrecht –Top Five Sermons Heard in Religion

Albrecht – Religious Railroads

Albrecht – Do Your Possessions Possess You?

Albrecht – He Loves Us Anyway

Albrecht – The Bible in a Christ-Centered Perspective

Albrecht – Parable of the Two Pennies

Friesen – Fashionable Like Jesus

FriesenLaw and Grace

Zahnd – Beauty Will Save the World

Helms – Faith is Not a Formula

Jersak – "A More Christlike God" Book Video

McVey – God's Love – The Whole Pie

Hewett – The Sermon on the Mount

Jersak – The Problem of Hell

Thiessen – The Sermon on the Mount

McVey – The Living Water Satisfied and Unites

ZahndThe Crucified God

McVeyLiving a Resurrected Life


Jersak – Why Did Jesus Die?

McVeyGod In Your Living Room Rather Than You in His Court Room

JersakThe Gospel in Chairs

Jersak – Angry Retributive Images of God

Brandt –How I Kissed Evangelism

Zahnd – Triumphal Entry

Peter Helms – On the Journey

Jersak – Jesus the King

Hiett – History of Time & Genesis of You

Lynch – The Flood Story

Jersak – The Incarnation

Peppiatt – Incarnation Part #1

Peppiatt –Incarnation Part #2

Peter Helms The Breadth of God's Love

McVey – Jesus – In Solidarity With Us

Zahnd – Reading the Bible Right

Jersak – The Lion and the Lamb

Jersak – Spreading Hospitality

Collishaw – Kenosis

Peter Helms – On Beauty

Brueggemann – Gospel For the Nones

Sarris – Does God Love Man?

Sarris – Is God Good?

McVey – Our Incarnated Lives

Dunn – The Great Verb Exchange

Lynch – God's Holy Presence

Jersak – On the Word of God

Jersak – The Nexus of Good and Evil

Young – Saying Yes or No to God

Robinson – New Testament and Family

McVey – God: All About Put Back, not Pay Back

Puhalo – Arius

Hewett – The Sermon on the Mount

Zahnd – Civilization: Violence Upon Violence

Peppiatt – The Trinity

Collishaw – The Image of God

Robinson – Sexual Ethics

Helms – The Breadth of God’s Love

Dunn – Two Models of God

Jersak – Is God in Control? and The Beautiful Gospel

McVey – How Sin Becomes a Non-Issue

Zahnd – Hitler and Home Invasion

Viljoen – Confusing Church With Christ

Puhalo – Theosis

Viljoen – How "Repenting of Sin" Doesn't Connect in Japanese Culture

Dunn – Our Calling

Lynch – Joshua – The Conquest

Collishaw – Yielding

Buechner – Grace


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