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The Plain Truth (PT) is a refreshing and welcome breath of fresh air in the midst of tired, oppressive religious threats and guilt trips.

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The Plain Truth (PT) engages the interests and concerns of our world and religion in particular from a grace-based, Christ-centered perspective. The Plain Truth (PT) defines religion as any methodology, program or human effort that presumes to gain its follower a higher standing with God – our mission is Christianity Without the Religion.

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A few comments from our readers:

I thoroughly enjoy and devour your articles in Plain Truth. After pondering your profound significance in helping me move from legalism to faith in Jesus Christ alone, I felt overwhelmingly moved to let you know just how much I appreciate you. Thanks to PTM I now know that God didn't create humans just so that he could hate and destroy us. God is not vindictive—he doesn't tally our sins. He is not looking for the slightest provocation to punish us. God loves us more than we could ever imagine. Please never, ever give up on your passion for Christ. We sorely need you! – New York

As always The Plain Truth is filled with many grace- based articles to help us grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ. I was particularly impressed with your Commentary "Your Mileage May Vary," which I am afraid may not get all the attention it deserves. I've written to you several times in the past (though not recently) and am grateful for your always helpful responses. Your premise that Christianity is not "one size fits all" and "your mileage may very" is an extremely important truth that is not easy to accept, especially when things don't go our way. I take comfort in knowing that God is all-knowing, all- powerful and all-loving and will do what is best for all of us. –Email

I really identified with your recent article "Your Mileage May Vary."  My mileage varied when my wife who fought breast cancer for five years passed away peacefully in her sleep. I tear up as I write this. She had six surgeries, chemo, radiation and took a ton of "miracle" cancer fighting supplements and, of course, was supported with many prayers. – Kentucky

All I can say is thanks be to our God and Savior for The Plain Truth and for your ministry. What a refreshing—and I believe—Christ-like perspective. PTM is a voice of compassion and peace in a troubled world. —California

Your work is so inspiring. I was brought up in a legalistic church and I stopped going after about 25 years. But now I live with constant guilt and I feel like I'm being torn apart by it. I want to believe that God still loves me and will never give up on me. —Texas

The latest issue of Plain Truth uplifted me with so much hope. I haven't felt this way in a long time. The articles you write and print are the best I have ever read on the topic of grace, the gospel and the good news of salvation. —New York

The first time I ever heard about "Christ-centered" or "Christ-focused" was from Greg Albrecht. Up until then, I was "sin-centered" and "sin-focused." I was a sin exterminator—or so I thought. —Email

It is truly a tremendous blessing that God is using The Plain Truth magazine as a voice for the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. The articles are a breath of fresh air for my soul. I thank God for your work, as you are truly an inspiration to me and so many others. —Ontario, Canada

The Plain Truth is truly an amazing example of unaffected, authentic Christianity. I consider myself fortunate to benefit from the resources that are made available and accessible through your work as you embrace Christ without the organizational impediments.—California

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Plain Truth Magazine

The Plain Truth (PT) is a refreshing and welcome breath of fresh air in the midst of tired, oppressive religious threats and guilt trips. The PT is an award winning Christian magazine. Plain Truth Ministries offers free online magazine subscriptions.

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