Podcast Audio Files List

The Enduring Legacy of C.S. Lewis —Join Greg Albrecht for a discussion of the life and contributions of C.S. Lewis--and a summary of his "must-read" books. The life and times of Clive Staples Lewis (1898 - 1963) were far from the stereotypical ideal Christian, yet he was gifted with one of the most brilliant and creative minds of the 20th century. His enormous intellect, combined with a dynamic imagination, turned him into one of the most prolific authors of our times.

Stephen CrosbyDr. Stephen Crosby has pastored, ministered to and consulted with churches and individual Christians across four continents. His decades of experience lead him to conclude that legalism and performance-based religion is a deadly virus that exists in the body of Christ. Join Greg Albrecht as he interviews Stephen Crosby about his book "Silent Killers of Faith."

Brad JersakStricken by God?--Join Greg Albrecht for a fascinating discussion related to Brad Jersak's new book, Stricken by God? Nonviolent Identification and the Victory of Christ.

Brad JersakRemodeling Hell--Join Greg Albrecht for a discussion related to Brad Jersak's book Her Gates Will Never Be Shut.

Dan Wooding —Greg Albrecht talks with journalist Dan Wooding about his personal journey and his book--"From Tabloid to Truth"

Dan Wooding —Greg Albrecht was interviewed by Dan Wooding for Front Page Radio, on KWVE, 107.9 FM, in Southern California, as well as HIS Channel Live, for one hour. HIS Channel is worldwide Christian Internet television. Dan wanted to remind his listeners of the journey of Plain Truth Ministries, from the old, cultic teaching of the past to our current Christ-centered, grace-based ministry.

Ralph Woodrow —Greg Albrecht discusses the amazing spiritual journey of Ralph Woodrow (author of Babylon Mystery Religion) — specifically discussing three of his books.

Jim Palmer —Join Greg Albrecht as he chats with Jim Palmer about how he retained authentic Christianity while he left the institutional church behind. Jim Palmer founded and currently leads the Pilgrimage Project, an emerging church in Nashville, Tennessee. His background includes inner-city service and international human rights work.

Steve McVey—In "Grace on Trial" Greg Albrecht and Steve McVey take us back to radical grace— the roots of the gospel. Don't miss this podcast, as Greg and Steve expose the guilt and shame of religion, contrasted with the beauty and truth of God's amazing grace.

The Morning Show with Jon Ramer—Greg Albrecht is interviewed on CJCA The Light, AM930 on The Morning Show with Jon Ramer—Edmonton, Alberta

Bob Dutko Show—Greg Albrecht is interviewed on the Bob Dutko Show, WMUZ—Detroit.

Caught in the Crossfire: A Palestinian Christian from Bethlehem—Greg Albrecht's timely interview with Dr. Bishara Awad, President of Bethlehem Bible College—a Bible college serving Palestinians. In a dark world of religious and ethnic conflict between Jew and Muslim, Dr. Awad and Bethlehem Bible College provide a shining light of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Shack—Listen to Greg Albrecht interview William P. Young author of the best-selling new novel The Shack.

Michael Peterson—Join Greg Albrecht as he talks with Michael Peterson—Dr. Peterson is a university professor and senior scholar whose research, teaching and writing addresses stress. In this discussion Greg and Michael talk about “Religion and Stress.” Don’t miss the fascinating insights they share.

Christian ZionismJoin Greg Albrecht as he talks with vicar Stephen Sizer, author of Christian Zionism: Roadmap to Armageddon.

Wayne Jacobsen—Greg Albrecht and Wayne Jacobsen talk about what our relationship with God is all about and what it means to be in Christ.

Jim Fowler—Greg Albrecht talks with Jim Fowler. Jim is a prolific writer, a Christ-centered theologian and he has a sense of humor! You'll enjoy Greg and Jim's conversation as they discuss the wonders of God's grace.

Ron Benson— Join Greg Albrecht and Pastor Ron Benson for more insights on 1) How not to rescue a legalist and 2) Why prayer is the most effective way to help someone held in religious bondage.

Joe Keim—Greg Albrecht talks with Joe Keim of Mission to Amish People (MAP). Joe knows all about insidious religious legalism and slavery it produces.