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listen to audio mp3 It’s All About Grace    posted March 29, 2017
Greg concludes, in this final sermon of his three-part series on God’s grace, that we either trust in what Jesus has done, is doing, or will do – or we trust in what we have done, are doing, and will do. We must make a choice – it cannot be both.
listen to audio mp3 Grace Alone    posted March 28, 2017
We are justified by a righteousness apart from the law. We struggle with God’s grace because humanly we can’t comprehend why God favors us with his grace. He has nothing to gain – he has no apparent motive. It’s all about faith alone, grace alone, Christ alone.
listen to audio mp3 In Need of Grace    posted March 27, 2017
In this first of a three-part series on grace Greg talks about two men named Paul. Today, Greg explains how one of his favorite movies (Cool Hand Luke) and one of his favorite actors (Paul Newman) illustrates our need of God’s amazing grace.
listen to audio mp3 No to Wrath and Yes to Love - Part 2    posted March 24, 2017
In this second message in our two part series we study Matthew 5:38-45, and the Jesus’ loving response to violence and hatred.
listen to audio mp3 No to Wrath and Yes to Love - Part 1    posted March 23, 2017
We replay this program from the tenth anniversary of 9-11-2001. This begins a two part series studying misunderstandings many have regarding the significance of the supreme demonstration of divine love given for us on the cross of Christ.
listen to audio mp3 The Enemy of Faith    posted March 22, 2017
Jesus does not promise to keep us from the storms of life, but he will endure them with us and never forsake us. We have an enemy during the storms of our lives that can be conquered through Jesus.
listen to audio mp3 God Is Faithful    posted March 21, 2017
Given enough time, human beings will eventually let you down. But God can always be relied upon. God always comes through.
listen to audio mp3 Child-like Belief    posted March 20, 2017
Spiritual re-birth from God renders us child-like again. What can we learn about faith from the trusting, open attitude of a child?
listen to audio mp3 When Religion Gives God a Bad Name    posted March 17, 2017
Faith dies when the spiritually hungry do not receive the Bread of Life, when those in desperate need are seduced by religious junk food and become convinced God can be gained or lost on the basis of human performance.
listen to audio mp3 Let God’s People Go!    posted March 16, 2017
Greg's message today deals with the religious captivity which binds so many. He assures us that Jesus came to release us from all bondage and captivity.
listen to audio mp3 Jesus – And Now – Someone Completely Different    posted March 15, 2017
During his earthly ministry Jesus was not what anyone expected. More than that, the risen Lord who is ever present with us continues to turn our human expectations upside down.
listen to audio mp3 Jesus Is Looking For You    posted March 14, 2017
Come and be refreshed and cleansed at the Lord’s Supper. Consider the lengths to which Jesus goes as he looks for each and every one of us. Give glory to God who brings Light into the dark places of our lives.
listen to audio mp3 “But Even If He Does Not…”    posted March 13, 2017
Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego -- it’s a revered story we all know – but what is the real moral of this story we read in the book of Daniel?
listen to audio mp3 Building God’s House    posted March 10, 2017
The body of Christ is bigger than any human enterprise can encompass or represent. God is building our eternal home.
listen to audio mp3 Generosity and Resentment    posted March 9, 2017
Can we be generous and resentful at the same time?
listen to audio mp3 God’s Love For You    posted March 8, 2017
Contrary to popular opinion, God is not waiting for you to make a mistake so he can punish you.
listen to audio mp3 Free Forgiveness    posted March 7, 2017
Because of God’s free forgiveness, citizens of God’s kingdom have no outstanding spiritual debts.
listen to audio mp3 Losing Your Religion -- Embracing Grace    posted March 6, 2017
Religion is all about what you think you have done for God. Grace is all about what God has done for you. God’s grace will cause you to lose your religion.
listen to audio mp3 Do You Really Want What You Deserve?    posted March 3, 2017
The good news is that because of God’s grace we do not get what we deserve.
listen to audio mp3 The End of Religion    posted March 2, 2017
Jesus came to put an end to the oppressive demands of religion. Jesus didn’t and doesn’t care about all of the futile religious attempts to "get right with God" because in him God made it right.
listen to audio mp3 Be Content - Trust In God    posted March 1, 2017
Jesus tells us that the faith he imparts to us will help us overcome any and all obstacles we may encounter. Pastor Greg talks about some of the obstacles we can overcome with the faith God gives us, by his grace.
listen to audio mp3 Making All Things New    posted February 28, 2017
The focus of today’s sermon is that Christian life is always something new. Authentic Christianity often differs widely from the status quo of our culture. Authentic Christianity is also the precise opposite of religious traditions, prompting many in Christendom to protest, in a vain attempt to safeguard their traditions saying, "but, we’ve never done it that way before."
listen to audio mp3 The True Riches    posted February 27, 2017
In today’s message, Pastor Greg shows how Isaiah is using money to draw attention to God’s amazing riches for us. Isaiah's message encourages us to buy into the heavenly economy of God's amazing grace.
listen to audio mp3 You Belong To God    posted February 24, 2017
Many ask some form of the question, “Am I getting all I want, all I need, out of life?” Greg discusses that question in the light of Paul’s admonition that we “present our bodies as living sacrifices.”
listen to audio mp3 Wisdom in the Information Retrieval Age    posted February 23, 2017
Where is the wisdom that comes from heaven in this most educated and knowledgeable era in human history? What is that wisdom?
listen to audio mp3 K.I.S. Prayer    posted February 22, 2017
Greg talks about keeping prayer simple, sincere and heartfelt, and he discusses the relationship between life’s rough spots and prayer.
listen to audio mp3 Saints and Sinners    posted February 21, 2017
Today's sermon assures us from the Bible that Christians are both saints and sinners at the same time and that Jesus does not turn his face from us.
listen to audio mp3 When Your Religion Fails You    posted February 20, 2017
Greg shows that Christ’s invitation for us to come to him promises rest FROM religion, its legalism, its demands and its failure to give us rest.
listen to audio mp3 The Real Love Story    posted February 17, 2017
If you’re weary and bogged down, if you sometimes feel, like 1950’s recording artist Tennessee Ernie Ford did, that you owe your soul to the company store, you need to join Greg for The Real Love Story.
listen to audio mp3 Authority To Love    posted February 16, 2017
When humans think of authority, we think of power. But Jesus brings a new kind of authority – the authority of love. The authority to love. Jesus does not impose his authority, rather he rules by consent.
listen to audio mp3 This Magic Moment    posted February 15, 2017
By God’s grace we can live free of guilt and shame – we can implicitly trust in God, just like a little child. We can come to know God in a magic moment, and live eternally with him in magic moments.
listen to audio mp3 The King of Love    posted February 14, 2017
Our sermon considers not only the source of the love epitomized in Valentine’s Day, but the Source of love, the Good Shepherd, the King.
listen to audio mp3 Righteousness by Law - Or by Faith?    posted February 13, 2017
Didn’t Jesus say that we have to become perfect? Didn’t he say that we will never see his kingdom unless our righteousness surpasses that of the super-religious scribes and Pharisees of his day? So what is all this grace stuff about then?
listen to audio mp3 Hooking Up With God    posted February 10, 2017
God’s relationship with you is far from the spiritual equivalent of a one night stand. Commitment and permanence are the basis of God’s relationship with you, and the foundation of how he wants you to know him.
listen to audio mp3 The Parable of the Sower    posted February 9, 2017
The parables of Jesus are earthly stories with heavenly significance. In this, one of Jesus most well known parables, we discover more about the relationship God offers to us, by his grace.
listen to audio mp3 The Suffering Judge    posted February 8, 2017
Jesus is the only judge who, instead of insisting that those who a appear before him suffer and pay the consequences, suffers himself. Worship with us as we focus on our perfect, holy, merciful and loving Judge.
listen to audio mp3 It’s Either Old or New – It Can’t Be Both    posted February 7, 2017
You won’t want to miss today's message – Greg introduces two celebrity guests, and a new line of Christian clothing!
listen to audio mp3 No Carry-on Baggage Allowed    posted February 6, 2017
Is the spiritual baggage you are carrying helping you on your journey with Christ, or is it bogging you down? How much carry-on baggage is allowed on God’s Grace Airlines?
listen to audio mp3 Lighten Up! Trust Me! Be Free!    posted February 3, 2017
Believe it or not, if your primary focus as a Christian is living a respectable life, you’re not living in Christ at all. If virtue is your primary goal, you’re not living in Him.
listen to audio mp3 What Is True Fellowship?    posted February 2, 2017
How in the world can someone fellowship at an online church? What is “fellowship” anyway? Find out the basis and foundation of true fellowship – join us as Greg teaches from 1 John 1:1-7.
Hosted by Greg Albrecht, President of Plain Truth Ministries, Plain Truth is a daily 30-minute program that helps listeners deal with the day-to-day issues that face them. Plain Truth is relevant, topical and conversational. We don't preach at our listeners, we talk with them. Plain Truth is Christian radio with a difference!

Feedback from the listeners of Plain Truth Radio.

  • I have been listening to your program for quite a while. I am very much impressed. I am getting to know God so much better. Your program is very original -and Bible-based! Thank you for making the word of God so real for myself and the multitudes who listen on the web. I will continue to pray for this work to be successful and reach many more. I am hoping to assist very soon in donations for the advancing to this ministry. 

  • Greg -You are the real deal. Thank you for telling it  like it is, taking on the big time religious power brokers, and helping to turn over the money changer's tables. I love that term you used on one program -the "barnacles" on the good ship Christianity. Keep it up -and I am telling my friends about Plain Truth radio!

  • Thanks for your ministry. I just got my first issue of "The Plain Truth" -a quality magazine!  I heard about it when you offered it on your radio program. I love the fact that you challenge the sacred cows of religion! I agree that we need more Jesus and less religion!

  • I saw your ad on a website, and sent for your magazine -and then I found out about your radio programs. I live in Alabama and can't pick you up on local radio, so I listen to you on my computer. What a change from the religious programs I am used to. Thanks for the Plain Truth -I am a fan.

  • Thank you for your programs about religion and denominationalism. I wish I could send a tape of some of your programs to every pastor in every denomination. I haven't found a spiritual home yet because of all of the infighting and conflict that I see within Christianity. I have no interest in being involved in a church that is constantly berating other churches or trying to impress me with how much better it is. Your ministry is wonderful -it is just what you say it is, the authentic, core teaching of Jesus -Christianity without all of the religion! Keep up the good work!

  • Your radio program is... different... refreshing... challenging, etc. But more than that, it speaks honestly and biblically in a way that is special and necessary in a time of so many voices, and with so many of those voices not being as honest as they should be. Greg, thank you for being an able tool in the hands of our Lord and Savior. Thank you for defending the truth, with love and courage. I am very happy for the blessing of listening and reading the gospel you present. I am so much more closer to Jesus and sure of who I am in Him and all because He loved me and gave Himself for me. KEEP THE TRUTH ROLLING.

  • The more I read the Q and A's on the PTM website (www.ptm.org) the more I understand that these so-called prophecy experts are jumping to conclusions. Thanks for having such a wonderful and informative insight on God's words and plans.

  • You have helped me make a great breakthrough with my struggle with legalism.

  • You will never know how much your Internet broadcast helps to get me through the week! Your daily "bread" is a great tool in helping me understand God's Word. Thank you so much.
    Love in Christ,

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