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Q/A: I have recently lost a family member who asked to be cremated before she died.  Another family member later told me that it states in the Bible not to do that.  Is this a sin? - Billie

Q/A: Please explain about cremation from a biblical, Christian viewpoint.  Is there any reason that it is wrong? - Dorothy

Q/A: At the resurrection do our bodies look the same as they do now?  A funeral parlor director told me that a body in the ground for many years is completely decomposed, not much different from one that has been cremated.  I know that God can still “re-create” us like those thousands instantly cremated in the Twin Towers , those who never made it out of the death camps and those who have died at sea and end up as a shark’s main course.  How about those who choose cremation? - Charles

Q/A: For a college class of mine I am writing a paper comparing Christian values exhibited in their burial practices with that of the Islamic faith.  I’ve hit a wall and am having a difficult time finding out some key answers.  I post a few questions that are stumping me.  How do burial practices of today reflect Christian values and culture?  What Christian symbolism is seen in our way of burial?  How did some of the Popes exhibit Christian symbolism in their burial?  What biblical passages outline a pattern for the role of a funeral or the art of burial? If you could answer these questions it would be a giant help.  Thanks for what you do and what you stand for.  Keep up the good work - Brandon

Q/A: What does the Bible have to say about cremation?  Is it wrong if that is what the person wants? Thank you, - Frank

Q/A: I am curious about cremation. Is there anything mentioned in the Bible, or perhaps anything you may know about regarding this issue, it’s origin? - Sheri

Q/A: Is it wrong to be cremated? If the Bible says to be absent from the body is to be present with Christ, then who are the dead in Christ that shall rise? - Dennis

Q/A: ..... A dear friend of mine is being cremated, and I’ve often thought of doing the same. Does the Bible say anything either pro or con concerning cremation? I’ve heard of "hell fires" etc. and it has always bothered me that cremation might be viewed by God as wrong. Any passages or quotes, or any ideas on this? - Charlie