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Q/A: What is the difference between tithing time versus money?  A friend of mine says if you tithe time, you will receive time.  Only if you tithe money will you receive monetary abundance. I have more ability to give of my time and talent rather than my money at this moment.  Does it not count as much, perhaps even more so, because money is relative, but the time I have on this earth is already counted?  Money can be replaced.  However, there are only 24 hours in a day. I would very much appreciate your help, so that I can increase my understanding of God’s design regarding tithing by different means. - Georg

Q/A: Is it wrong to give more than 10% to God?  Would that mean I was under the law and under a curse?  I like giving more to God because he has done so much for me.  I just think it is a proper response.  Do you think that people will judge me as being under the law if I give more than 10% to God? - Patrick

Q/A: I don’t agree with everything my Pastor says.  I guess that makes me a bad disciple.  He teaches that if you don’t give 10% of your gross income then you will “sow yourself to poverty”.  He also teaches that you won’t get a financial blessing from God if you don’t do this.  I just can’t buy this.  I agree as a Christian you should bless the church with all you can give without putting yourself in poverty. - Michael

Q/A: I would really appreciate your help.  I have a dilemma over what is the right thing to do.  My pastor holds to a different view than I do on tithing.  At first I just ignored it, thinking it would not be a big issue.  However, as of late he has been really pouring it on.  He teaches that the Bible says in the book of Malachi that if we don’t tithe (which he stresses is 10%) we are robbing God.  Not only that, but we are under a curse and not able to experience the full blessings that God wants to give us.  I know from my study of the Scriptures that this teaching is false.... Should I talk to him face to face?  Should I leave my church family because of his dangerous teachings?... I have prayed to God that he would guide my pastor to teach sound doctrine on this issue, but maybe he expects me to do something about it.  I am really confused as to what I should or should not do.  I will continue to pray about this matter, but I would value any advice you might have for me. - Ray

Q/A: I am a devout Christian who believes tithes and offerings should be given to the Lord.  Nonetheless, I have a problem with my church’s appropriation of the Lord’s chief means of meetings its members’ and the community’s needs. Recently our pastor announced that he agreed to use our church’s finances to support a church in Tennessee.  Now, I’m for supporting any mission doing the Lord’s will/work, but he says that the rent for a building in Tennessee is $8000 a month!  And this for one year!  I’m from the South myself and know that any building you’re paying $8000 a month for should be in a country club!  In the first two weeks of Christianity (in the book of Acts), there were more than 20,000 converts and they didn’t even have a building program. ... Is withholding tithes justifiable in this instance?  Also, can I pay/contribute my tithes to another organization or church?  Would that be acceptable in the Lord’s sight? - Stephen

Q/A: Why did Jesus Christ not directly preach tithing? - Cris

Q/A: I have recently become financially able to give to charity following years of being in a situation where this was impractical.  I want to make up for it now but need some guidance.  There are so many worthy causes and I have trouble deciding which ones to give to.  I need advice for sorting this out. - Tracy  

Q/A: I was wondering where in the Old Testament it speaks to “triple tithing”.  I have read Deuteronomy 14 and do not see where this is described.  The reason I am asking is because I am in a discussion with a friend regarding the strict 10%.  I am of the opinion that it is not strict and you should give what the Lord leads. Could you please decipher Deuteronomy 14? - Chad

Q/A: I recently refinanced my home.  If I follow the 10% tithe, would I tithe on this whole amount or something different?  Would this be considered income? - Tom

Q/A: Is it correct by God’s standards to sow a seed of money and expect a harvest—either of money or something that may not be financial, such as sowing a money seed in order to get a husband or to receive good health or to get out of debt? Please help me understand Galatians 6:7. - Diane

Q/A: What is today’s principle for tithing to your home church?  Thank you for your faithfulness. - Char

Q/A: I was wondering if this is a correct thing to do in the house of God.  There was a sheet that was given to every member to let them know how much each member owed the church—things that tithes and offerings do not cover.  As of now my husband and I have not paid them.  The church is saying that we are indebted to them for these items.  The church says that we must seek the Lord to see if he would have us pay for these items.  The items are a church bus vow of $1000, building fund of $2000 and a restoration fund of $1555.  They said that we could pay as little or as much of this debt off as our budget allows. We cannot pay anything.  We are trying so hard to pay our tithes and offerings.  I was wondering if this was standard procedure for most churches?  We seem to owe everyone. - Di

Q/A: A tithing question: I noticed that in your tithing Q&A that you consistently proclaim that there is not a New Testament basis for tithing.  How do you reconcile your comments with Luke 11:42?  Luke 11:42 (NIV) states the following: “Woe to you Pharisees, because you give God a tenth of your mint, rue and all other kinds of garden herbs, but you neglect justice and the love of God.  You should have practiced the latter without leaving the former undone.” The latter part of Jesus’ statement clearly indicates that Jesus did not want the Pharisees to neglect their tithes (i.e., leaving the former undone); however, he was more concerned with the Pharisees advancing justice and demonstrating their love for God.  Please share with us your thoughts on why this exchange between Jesus and the Pharisees should not be interpreted as a New Testament basis for tithing. ...... - Woodrow

Q/A: Is there any biblical support for the notion that we must tithe in order to avoid being under a curse?  Does the Bible teach that whatever we pay over and above a tithe is a “seed” that is sown upon which we can expect to reap financial blessings (for example, by praying for a “hundredfold return” over the seed)?  Is there any biblical support for the notion that Christians are called to be financially prosperous, and that the way to achieve this is by the principles of tithing and giving offerings that I have outlined above? - Nishad

Q/A: I have an associate minister in my church that is “gung ho” on tithing, and reads Malachi 3 every chance that she gets.  There have been people who have tried to tell her to stop (she’s heavy into the “faith movement”).  We have also tried to point her to biblical giving based on 2 Corinthians 8 and 9.  What should I do? - Jeff

Q/A: We have been tithing 10% of our income for several months now.  It is a struggle to do that.  We can barely pay the utilities.  We feel that God wants my wife to quit her job and stay home with the kids and be a full-time housewife.  If she does this we will have to pay off some debt and tighten the budget in a big way.  In a case like this would God expect a tithe or would it be better to use it to pay down the debt? - Larry

Q/A: I am confused by the idea of tithing.  The short passage in the Bible states that you give 10% of your crop.  Where does the concept of before or after taxes come into this?  Also, when this passage was written, there was no concept of insurance, mortgages, healthcare expenses, or saving for your children’s education.  I would like to tithe but feel that the expense of 10% with all my family interest is a bit much.  It also angers me to see me giving a great amount while my pew mate throws in a single dollar bill. - Clare

Q/A: The pastor at my church recently gave a sermon on tithes and offerings. He stated specifically that unless you were giving 10% in a tithe, you had never really given an offering (the offering being anything over and above the 10%). He basically said we were "cursed" if we weren’t doing it this way. His scriptural references were from Malachi 3:8-9. After reading some of your other comments on this subject, I was curious what you thought about what my pastor said. It did leave me wondering. - Leslie

Q/A: Could you please provide me with a somewhat precise definition of the term "increase" as it relates to tithing and offerings? I seem to be having great difficulty finding a definitive explanation of the word no matter where I look. Would you direct me also to specific references which would elucidate this term and provide current day relevance? - Peter

Q/A: I have a question about tithing. I understand that everything belongs to God and I am only a manager of his blessings. I also understand that in the Old Testament there was required giving and offerings and that God never commanded 10%. Since we are under the new covenant, what is our responsibility for giving? - Dan

Q/A: My question is pertaining to tithes. I would like to know on what tenth should we tithe; the gross or the net? Or what about when funds such as retirement, medical, and dental are taken out before one receives the check. - Crystal

Q/A: Could you please help me explain to my pastor that it is okay to share my tithe with more than one place? - David

Q/A: We are told so often that we should give more to God and we should do more for God, we should give more money and more time. We should spend more time in the Word and more time in prayer. I wonder – is there any allowance for spending our time or money for any other purpose?... I know that we are saved by grace and not works but we keep getting the message that we are not doing enough. I know that I do not give or do enough and I don’t feel that anyone truly can, but that doesn’t comfort me much. It distresses me when I cannot (or maybe choose not to) support ministries that I receive a great deal of edification and information from. - Mark

Q/A: Could you please provide me with a somewhat precise definition of the term "increase" as it relates to tithing and offerings? I seem to be having great difficulty finding a definitive explanation of the word no matter where I look. Would you direct me also to specific references which would elucidate this term and provide current day relevance? - Peter

Q/A: I want to start paying tithes, but my husband said we can’t afford it because we can hardly make ends meet as it is. I told him we should pay tithes before we pay anything else, because we owe that to God. My husband goes to church and he has accepted Christ, but does not study the Bible. I asked him to read a booklet on tithing. Since I take care of paying the bills, should I go ahead and pay our tithes even if we are behind on our bills? I don’t know what to do. I am not working. When I was, I gave large offerings, but now I don’t feel at liberty to do so. Can you help? - Marge