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December 5, 2011

A Birth and a Wedding
Every Christmas some bah-humbug Scrooges object to laughter, joy, merry-making and frivolity. Every year we hear talk about crass commercialism, complaints about the external trappings of Christmas, and calls to "put Christ back in Christmas.” But why isn’t anyone talking about Christmas being a celebration of a birth and of a wedding?

It's finally here -- A Taste of Grace
Your copy of Greg's easy-to-read, page-turning exploration of God's amazing grace is waiting for you! Find out more -- read sample selections -- read what Greg has to say about this new book -- and find out how you can order your own copy.
In the Winter issue of the award-winning Plain Truth magazine
Discover the real reason Jesus calls himself the Good Shepherd -- find out if you are a church addict -- read the objections of people who are scared of grace -- hear first hand the powerful and heartrending stories of people whose lives have been changed by Plain Truth Ministries. All this and much more in the Winter issue of Plain Truth!
In the December PTM Partner Letter -- Jesus Christ Superstar?
In rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar, the hippy culture of the 1970s tried to turn Jesus into their kind of an anti-establishment liberal, long-haired radical who broke all the rules. Of course, Jesus didn't come to become a superstar -- he left the glory of heaven behind so that he might humble himself and become one of us. Learn more about the real, incomprehensibly stupendous reason Jesus came to be one of us -- in the December PTM Partner Letter.

Christianity Without the Religion . . . at any specific geographic location. Christianity Without the Religion (CWR) comes to you where you are-- a fresh, new approach to weekly worship. CWR is ready when you are . . . with a new rendition of a familiar and classic hymn, arranged and performed by worship leader Mike North! Join us!

How can Jesus be 100% God and 100% human?
If God can't coexist with flesh -- how is it that Jesus could be fully human and fully God at the same time?

Unraveling the Christmas star mystery
Just what, exactly, was the Christmas star? A comet, supernova or a planetary conjunction? A science and astronomy teacher asked this question and came up with answers after extensive historical, archaeological and astronomical research.

What our readers and listeners say
Exciting, inspiring, sometimes controversial, always interesting comments from our readers, listeners and friends.

Christian politics create unholy alliances
Once again, a presidential race is becoming a pandering piety contest. In this USA Today column, David P. Gushee, professor of Christian ethics at Georgia's Mercer University, calls for candidates to drop the God talk and get out of the religion business -- for voters to evaluate candidates based on their job performance -- and for pastors to stay out of politics and preach the gospel.

Why did Jesus undergo "purification rites"?
Not long after Jesus' birth, Scripture tells us that his parents took him to Jerusalem in keeping with "purification rites." What is that all about -- and is there a deeper meaning?

Free From Gravity
Join us for Free From Gravity -- an interactive website featuring a lively and challenging blog hosted by PTM's Paul Angone. Latest blog: “You Might be a Cultural Christian If…”
In conclusion . . . Hallelujah Chorus -- Yupiq Eskimo Village

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