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April 25, 2016

• CWR Bible Survey:  This week we conclude our journey through the books of Danie l& Revelation.

• Online Resource: Enjoy this month's featured online resource: He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not (RP019).

• Christianity Without the Religion Audio: "Proof Text Alert!" Taking a quotation or a few verses out of context in order to "prove" an already presumed-to-be true teaching or practice is a widely-followed abuse of the Bible. Week of April 24

• Front Page: "A Covenant—Not a Contract" If a couple perceives their marriage as a contract, then they will forever be keeping score—that is, they will each be keeping score to determine whether their partner owes them—whether they have done more for their partner than their partner has done for them.

• CWR Video Magazine: Visit CWRv for fascinating, helpful and insightful videos.

• CWR Blog: Check out this week's CWR Blog, hosted by Brad Jersak.

• CWR/PTM App: Now you can access CWR Magazine, CWR Audio, CWR Video, the CWR Bible Survey and more on your smart phone, iPad, Google Play or Windows Phone.

All this and much more is available at our website this week—click the links above to join us!

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