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October 20, 2014

CWR Bible Survey: This week we continue our study of 2 Kings & 2 Chronicles 10-36.

Christianity Without the Religion audio: "He Knows Just How You Feel" While it is physically impossible for a family member or friend to know exactly how we feel as we suffer and endure, we may be assured that Jesus knows JUST how we feel. Week of October 19

Front Page: "Grace Without Reservations" God's grace is without reservations, on his part, as well as yours and mine. God doesn't play favorites, he is not a respecter of persons. He loves you just as much as anyone else. His love is offered to you freely and without cost, on your part.

CWR Blog: Senior Editor Brad Jersak has been blogging for about six months--and the response is overwhelming. If you're not a regular at CWR Blog, you should be!

All this and much more is available at our website this week—click the links above to join us!

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