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May 18, 2015

• Where Hope Grows —released in theatres nationwide Friday, May 15. Where Hope Grows is the story of Calvin Campbell, a pro baseball player and single father who finds life spinning out of control. Having washed out of the major leagues, lacking purpose and quickly becoming estranged from his teenage daughter, he finds a friend in the most unlikely of people, Produce, a young man with Down Syndrome. Seeing the world through Produce's eyes Calvin slowly loses the chip on his shoulder. PTM is pleased to help spread the good news of this high quality movie. It is light on clichés and hokey stuff that tends to characterize many "Christian" movies. It doesn't drip with goo and syrup. Unlike many "and they lived happily ever after" Christian movies Where Hope Grows feels authentic, like real people and real, unadulterated life. It comes with the highest recommendation of CWR/PTM. Watch trailer on YouTube.

• A More Christlike God: A new book from CWRpress, A More Christlike God, written by Senior Editor Brad Jersak is now available! Dr. Jersak is a wise and patient teacher, walking us toward the beautiful gospel while never shirking the hard questions. He knows the way beyond the parodies of Christianity into the beautiful gospel of a more Christlike God.

• CWR Bible Survey: This week we continue our journey through Jeremiah 1-33.

• Christianity Without the Religion Audio: "Last Words." The last words of Jesus on his cross are a condensed sermon-like summary of his gospel. Week of May 17

• Front Page: "Getting Caught Up in a Religious Show." When George complained to Jerry (Seinfeld) about all the stuff he had to do to join the church, Jerry told him, "Well, what did you expect? You think they'll just let you change your religion like you change your toothpaste?"

• CWR Blog: Join host Brad Jersak at our CWR Blog for Christ-centered, grace-based insight.

All this and much more is available at our website this week—click the links above to join us!

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