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April 21, 2014

Bible Survey

The CWR Bible Survey -- exploring the book of 2 Samuel
This week we continue our journey through the book of 2 Samuel. 2 Samuel is woven with sub-plots of intrigue, violence murder and insurrection. From all appearances, the reign of David was not unlike that of many other leaders and rulers, ancient or modern. The heart of this story, however, transcends the mundane occurrences of time, place and politics. Join us for this intriguing study!
CWR Audio Teaching Ministry

This week at Christianity Without the Religion -- "Easter Is Disturbing!"
Easter is a mystery because it transcends our predictable world. The resurrection of Jesus can be disturbing because it insists on a God who is, in Christ, upending and rupturing the natural order of things.

Michael North, our worship leader at CWRa, has recorded his version of the classic Christian hymn "How Great Thou Art." We will begin to air Michael's new arrangement of this all time favorite during our Easter service on April 20 – join us, and tell a friend, about our worldwide online teaching ministry, CWRa (Christianity Without the Religion audio).

Front Page PTM/CWR Front Page -- "Take Away the Religious Rocks"
To all of us, to you and to me, Jesus issues the invitation to help him take away the religious rocks. He invites us to help him take off the grave clothes of spiritual death from those to whom he gives new life.
CWR Blog New CWR Blog
Among his many other contributions to CWR/PTM, Senior Editor Brad Jersak recently launched a new blog (Christianity Without the Religion Blog— available on its own website as well as being linked to and available on www.ptm.og. If you enjoy surfing the web, you can grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ through this new CWR/PTM feature.

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