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September 28, 2015

• Presuming that old covenant stipulations and practices are relevant and significant some speculate "Shemitah September" will feature religious and political upheavals and perhaps catastrophes. But, when October 1 comes and their sensational predictions fail, will they profusely apologize for their wild, fear-mongering prognostications? And of equal interest, perhaps greater in some minds, will the curse be removed later in October? Read more...

• Beautiful Gospel Conference in Abbotsford BC Canada, October 1-3, 2015 PTM would like to announce and invite our ministry partners to our 'Beautiful Gospel' conference, to be held in Abbotsford, BC Canada this fall, Oct. 1-3. Speakers will include our senior editor, Brad Jersak (author of A More Christlike God, published this year by CWR press) and Brian Zahnd (one of our CWR columnists and author of Beauty Will Save the World). Music will be provided mainly by Brian Doerksen and the Shiyr Poets, who you can sample by clicking HERE.

If you'd like to join us for "The Beautiful Gospel" conference, featuring authors Brian Zahnd and Brad Jersak, along with the music of Brian Doerksen and The Shiyr Poets, we will gather from Thursday evening, Oct. 1 - Saturday evening, Oct. 3 at Cascade Community Church, in Abbotsford, BC Canada.

For more information and conference registration, visit our webpage at

• CWR Bible Survey: This week we conclude our journey through Romans 9-16.

• Christianity Without the Religion Audio: "What About Me?" In an age of selfies and Instagrams, when the constant cry seems to be "look at me" and "what about me?" our suffering servant turns our focus to the needs of others. Week of September 27

• Front Page: "18 Prominent Biblical Passages and Why" I realize that my Elite 18 is nothing more than my list, and that your list, if and when you make one, may be a far better summary of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Whether you wind up with 10, 15 or 20 or more, the discipline of constructing a list is a great way to focus on the gospel of Jesus Christ!

• CWR Blog: Find out what's new this week at our CWR Blog, hosted by Brad Jersak.

• A More Christlike God: We're being told by readers and reviewers, all around the world, that Brad Jersak's book is life-changing.

All this and much more is available at our website this week—click the links above to join us!

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