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February 23, 2015

• Join us February 28 at 4:00 PM (Pacific) for CWR/PTM's inaugural CWRlive event. You can tune in by clicking this link:
A God of love and genocide? For many Christians the problem of violence in Scripture can result in a crisis of faith--especially when we see how such passages have been used throughout history to justify horrific bloodshed in God's name.
Moving beyond typical conservative and liberal approaches, which seek either to defend or whitewash over violence in the Bible, Derek Flood's Disarming Scripture takes a surprising and compelling approach: Learning to read the Bible like Jesus did.
In this inaugural CWRlive event, Brad Jersak, author of A More Christlike God, will interview Dr. Derek Flood in order to explore this creative approach which interprets biblical violence texts through Christlike eyes.
Questions can be sent in prior to the event to [email protected] or by Twitter during the interview through the hashtag, #CWRliveFlood.

• CWR Magazine: In the Spring issue of CWRm we discuss "Abraham Lincoln: A None Before His Time," "Whitney Houston: Was She or Wasn't She," "Massacres in the Name of Religion," "Walking Where Jesus Walked?" among many other articles. Enjoy this and much, much more in this issue!

• CWR Bible Survey: This week we conclude our study of Isaiah 1-39.

• Christianity Without the Religion audio: "Giving Up..." There is no doubt that sacrifice, giving up and surrendering are hallmarks of Christ-centered faith—but, do we give up something in order to convince God to love us, or do we willingly surrender to him because he has already given us his abundant love? Week of February 22

• Front Page: "The Suffering Judge." The Cross of Christ is an act of love on the part of The Suffering Judge. Love is the means, motive and method of The Suffering Judge—the Judge who took our place.

• CWR Blog: Senior editor Brad Jersak provides thought-provoking teaching at CWR Blog.

All this and much more is available at our website this week—click the links above to join us!

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