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January 19, 2015

• CWR Bible Survey: Join us as we continue our journey through the book of Luke.

• Christianity Without the Religion audio: "My House Will Be Full." While good, church-going folk of Jesus' day excluded many "non-members" and those they determined to be ne'er-do-wells from their banquets and festivities, Jesus proclaimed that all are invited—he said "my house will be full." Week of January 19

• Front Page: "The Law Was Given Through Moses—Grace and Truth Come Through Jesus Christ." News Flash! Religion is confrontational and hostile to anyone that dares to differ with it. Christ-less religion actually leads people away from God.

• CWR Blog: If you're not yet a regular, find out about the spiritual nourishment available at CWR Blog, hosted by Brad Jersak.

All this and much more is available at our website this week—click the links above to join us!

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