Accusation, Integrity & the Peaceful Mirror – Eden Jersak

Accusation is such a cruel judge! And when our loves are being wrongfully accused, we suffer every bit as much as they do.

But integrity is like a handrail, giving us a way to keep standing when the ground beneath us is shifting.

Integrity doesn’t require everyone around us to see us truly or fairly or rightly.  Integrity is a mirror we look into, where we look into our own eyes and know that we have done our best … or not … and we do what is required to make peace with ourselves and consequently others if necessary.

Look in the mirror (and you might want to ask Jesus to stand with you too), and take personal account.  Once integrity has made clear what we are responsible for, and we own it, what others say or accuse us of is no longer important.  It can be frustrating to continue to be wrongly accused, but integrity provides a peaceful way that doesn’t need us to defend ourselves.

It might be important to remind yourself of who you truly are and how Jesus sees you.  It’s easy to let anonymous or faceless accusers have more authority or impact than is truly warranted.

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