Are You a ‘Believer’? Greg Albrecht

Many Christians use the word believer as a short definition of their way of life and as a way of separating their practices and teachings from non-believers. Without further qualification, the term believer can be just one more in a long list of clichés and “in-house” terminology. After all, a believer might describe someone who believes in UFOs and aliens from outer space. A believer might describe someone who actually believes in the ghosts and goblins of Halloween. So the term believer begs for further definition, doesn’t it? Belief in what or who? The answer may seem to be obvious, but sadly, in many cases it isn’t.
Ponder with me two ways in which people who think they are Christian believers may actually believe in something that opposes, diminishes or undermines the gospel of Jesus Christ. We’ll talk about these pitfalls as “replacement beliefs” because they insidiously replace God.
From time to time I hear people, who call themselves Christians, ask for God to forgive their nation and help them return to God, so that God will once again bless them. What exactly is the focus of belief in such a case? When churches start praying about their nation “returning” to God, I get a little nervous.
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