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Breakfast with Brad – “Moving On” – Ashamed of Jesus?

In which Brad tries his Jim Gaffigan's 'offended Christian' voice (see below--trigger warning), plans hard-boiled eggs embedded with garlic stuffed olives & ponders Jesus words in Luke 9:26.

Rapid Depressurization & Emergency Descent? What to expect… by Grant Corriveau

“Ladies and Gentlemen, please direct your attention to our flight attendants (or our video screens) as they demonstrate some important safety features …” And at this point way too many people tune out and miss the most important five minutes of their flights. These are the five minutes of preparation that just might save their lives. These are the five minutes that they might suddenly be wishing they could have back — in the “unlikely event” of an accident or incident. This week the big news and terribly sad news is about the Southwest B737, which experienced a massive engine failure followed by a rupture in the aircraft’s ...

Uplift: A Pilot’s Journey – by Grant Corriveau

View video trailer for Uplift     Song: Travelers by Carolyn Arends Uplift - A Pilot's Journey Take off with Captain Grant Corriveau in “Uplift – A Pilot’s Journey.” During your flight you will be fascinated by many true stories shared by Grant as he invites you to experience his life-long journey of discoveries.  Captain Grant will reveal, through his story and rise in the ranks in the aviation industry, culminating in the pilot’s seat in the cockpit, that not everything we need in life is learned in classes and training seminars. Beginning with his earliest childhood fascinations with aircraft and the men and women who fly them, ...

Breakfast with Brad – Moving On (5/12) – Gore, Genocide and Omelettes

Must we believe that God literally commanded the extermination of whole people groups in the Old Testament conquest narratives? Or could we attribute some of those incidents to human violence done in the name of God to justify their actions? BONUS MATERIAL: Matt Lynch on "The Joshua Conquest"  

“Big God, Big Love, Big Cross” – audio sermon by Brad Jersak & Wm. Paul Young

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The Killing House – Wm. Paul Young

Behind my desk there sits a clock, crafted by Terry King, a man who has become my friend and who has lived in Unit 2A on Death Row in Tennessee for 34 years. Right before Christmas, two years ago, it arrived unexpected, a gift. The first time I met Terry, it was because of a friend of a friend, who asked me to come and spend a few hours with him. The Shack has had a profound impact on his life, as well as other inmates. Since then, I have tried to visit every time my travels have taken me through Nashville. This blog was written in the last few days in the wake of my most recent visit. I am fascinated at how the Holy Spirit weaves seasons of focus ...

Lloyd Laces Up One Last Time #HumboldtStrong – Kim Langon

The community is invited to ‘Skate for Humboldt’ on the Shamrock Centre ice this Friday evening, April 13, 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. BY KIM LANGEN For the very last time, a one-time high school hockey player will be lacing up his skates this Friday evening, before carefully hitting the ice. And as he does so, the image of the recently devastated Humboldt Broncos team will be in both his mind, and heart. “I feel great grief over the tragedy of the unexpected fatality of those boys,” said Lloyd Jersak, 80. “I have grandchildren that are that age.” Half of the small-town Saskatchewan hockey team was horrifically lost in just moments last ...

Christianity Without the Religion Smartphone App

  Now available for your smart phone, pad or tablet on Apple, Google Play or Amazon. To download the CWR (Christianity Without Religion) App, click here.  Welcome to the official Christianity Without the Religion and Plain Truth Ministries App for smart phones and tablets. This FREE App proclaims authentic Christianity without the religion.  Our work is Christ-centered, based on God's amazing grace, giving hope to those burned out by legalistic religion. When you download this app you will have access to our weekly CWR Blog, to the daily and weekly messages of Greg Albrecht, plus access to our monthly magazines and much more. ...

“I turned 18 and left” by Jonny

I turned eighteen and left after the summer. I moved away from home, got my first full-time job and didn’t think about church. There wasn’t rebellion, I had my Christian conditioning administered in healthy doses in a healthy environment. By fourteen I knew Darwin was onto something, my stock answer to “does God forgive gays?” was, “for what?” and Evangelical hysteria looked like a bigger threat to the youth of America than satanic ritual abuse. I grew up at enough dinner theology discussions where no potential heresy was off the table, so I didn’t fear for my soul. So out of habit, I stuck with Jesus. Hedonism looked gross anyway, and ...

PTM.org’s Breakfast with Brad – “Moving On” (4/12) – Macaroni Salad and the Flood

Is belief in a literal global flood essential to Christian faithfulness? How did God recreate a ruined world? How has Christ opened the ark to all? And how did Eden create that macaroni salad?