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The Necessity of the Ascension of Christ – Cherith Fee Nordling

Dr. Cherith Fee Nordling reminds us that when we speak of the Incarnation of Jesus Christ, we are not only talking about his life, death and resurrection, but also of his ascension to God’s throne. Why is this essential to our faith?(Part 3 in a 6-part conversation with Dr. Bradley Jersak). https://vimeo.com/784836154

Q&R with Brad Jersak – Sin

Question: I have just finished reading "Out of the Embers," and you know, I never once thought about sin (at least "sin" as understood in my evangelical context). Does sin (moral or ethical infraction) mean anything to you anymore?  To God? Response: Great question! In our modern and post-modern context, the word "sin" often carries a lot of baggage and not nearly enough depth. For example, in the tradition I was formed in, "sin" generally referred to: 1. The "sin condition" I was born with, inherited from Adam's guilt... we called this "the sin nature" and were taught that when we came to Christ, we would receive a "new nature" or "new ...

CWR Video – What is the Bible? – by Peter Enns

Peter Enns: What is the Bible? from Plain Truth Ministries on Vimeo.

Q&R with Brad Jersak: Is Isaiah’s “suffering servant” Jesus or the Jewish people?

Isaiah 49:7 Question: I was researching Isaiah 49:7 due to the Rabbinical claim that the Suffering Servant is not Jesus, but is actually the Jewish people throughout their history of persecutions. This has always been a nagging doubt to me. It doesn't help that Isaiah 49:7 in some translations says "abhorred by the nations" which sounds like the nation of Israel is the servant, but other translations say "abhorred by the nation" which sounds like Jesus inside of Israel. I was wondering if you could point me towards more info on this topic, because it has re-assured my faith a bit. Response: I sure wouldn't make my faith at all ...

Encounter, Communion & Union: Layers of Relationship – Brad Jersak

Our Relationship with God I have been pondering the various words we use to describe our relationship with God. "Relationship" itself is an intriguing term as it invites us to consider how we relate to God, to ourselves, to others and to our world. But it also suggests that they relate to us. Healthy relationships are a two-way street... not so much transactional as reciprocal. As John says in his first epistle, we love God because he first loved us. But relationships are also complex. Three words come to mind that describe our relationship with God: encounter, communion and union.  Encounter We often use the word encounter to describe ...

Q&R “Is the Spiritual Realm more Real than the Natural Realm?” with Brad Jersak

Question: How would you respond to the statement, "The spiritual realm is more real than the natural realm"? My home church has been influenced a lot by that theme through certain charismatic ministries. They emphasize spirit over nature and parse out spirit, soul and body in a hierarchy of functioning. It all feels a little too much like Hogwarts. Response: I know exactly what you mean. Similarly, the Catholic priest, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, once said, "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience." Both these statements affirm something important but invariably over-steer into a ...

Seinfeld and Michael Richards in Honest Conversation – Brad Jersak

"Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee" A while back, Jerry Seinfeld created a little internet series called "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee" -- a chance to improvise the chemistry of spontaneous moments with various actors and comedians from his world. The episode that grabbed my attention was his connection with Michael Richards, who played Kramer on "Seinfeld," the sitcom about nothing (by its own testimony). The Richards episode of "Comedians in Cars" is viewable here: http://comediansincarsgettingcoffee.com/michael-richards-its-bubbly-time-jerry What struck me were Richards' reflections and regrets on that fateful night at the Comedy Club when ...

More than a metaphor: Why the resurrection matters – Dr. Cherith Fee Nordling

Dr. Cherith Fee Nordling pushes back at the notion that the resurrection (both Christ’s and ours) is merely metaphorical. The Christian faith is founded on the reality of Christ’s bodily resurrection.(Part 2 in a 6-part conversation with Dr. Bradley Jersak). https://vimeo.com/783453286

Three Charges – The Cross, Hell, and the Word of God – Brad Jersak

Three Charges – The Cross, Hell, and the Word of God: It seems as much as we at PTM and I specifically have addressed the issues of the Cross, Hell and the Word of God, we continue to be asked where we stand on these issues.  Those of good faith are truly interested in diving deep into the truth on each of these issues, and for good reason! How we respond to these issues speaks loudly of how we see God, humanity, and the world we live in. They deserve all the attention they’ve received.  Others seem to ask the questions in the edgy tones of an interrogation or accusation, as if we’re being summoned to a heresy trial, ...

Q&R with Brad Jersak – “How does ‘All Jesus, All the Time’ relate to the Trinity?”

Question: Full disclosure: PTM's Question & Response feature addresses actual questions from real readers. But (Brad Jersak) created this question for myself because I think the answers might be interesting and relevant to others who overhear my self-talk. The question relates to a tagline we frequently use at Plain Truth Ministries: "All Jesus, All the Time." Does that seem an odd claim for a ministry that believes in the Triune God of Father, Son and Holy Spirit? I believe it's worth pondering together from a few angles. Response: 1. First, let's clarify what we don't mean. We don't align or identify with "Oneness" movements ...

Q&R with Brad Jersak – “What are the limits to God’s mercy?”

Question: A friend of mine insisted, "God is merciful, but even his mercy has limits." And I remembered a talk that you gave. You: and his Mercy lasts how long? Crowd: forever You: how long? Crowd: FOREVER You: How long? YOU AND CROWD: FOREVER!! No response necessary, but I wanted you to know that many of us have that voice of mercy in the back of our heads when we hear some "wonk." Thank you. Response: Thank you! And while you didn't require a response, I'll just add a few beautiful texts to that antiphonal chorus. Of course, I was leading the crowd to join me in proclaiming the refrain of Psalm 136 in the NKJV, which proclaims "His mercy ...

Silent Night and Christmas Blessings – with love from all of us at PTM/CWR

Merry Christmas! - with love from all of us at PTM/CWR

CWR Video – Our Incarnated Lives – by Steve McVey


Q&R with Brad Jersak – Keys to the Kingdom?

Question: In Matthew 16:19 and 18:18, I have never been satisfied with an explanation of “the keys of the kingdom of heaven.” My former church called them “The Office of the Keys,” claiming the church plays a huge roll in those who go to heaven and those who don’t go to heaven. Now, after understanding God alone is faithful to guide his children to recognize He is in us and we are in Him (from John 17), I am seeking a new interpretation of these verses. Thank you for your help. Response: "The Office of the Keys"? That's new to me. Sounds ominous! And they are difficult passages for sure. Not that I'll have a satisfying response, but ...

The Incarnation: Jesus Has a Body – Dr. Cherith Fee Nordling

Dr. Cherith Fee Nordling explains why, in his Incarnation, Jesus Christ assumes an authentic human nature, including a body, and why in his resurrection and ascension to glory, continues to be forever human.(Part 1 in a 6-part conversation with Dr. Bradley Jersak). https://vimeo.com/780442902