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Audio Book of “A More Christlike God”

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Q & R: “Do I need to be rebaptized?” Greg Albrecht

Greg Albrecht: President PTM Question: I was baptized when a baby in the Catholic Church.  I came to see that many of their teachings and practices left a lot to be desired (and I still feel that way).  So later, as an adult, I was baptized in the Worldwide Church of God.   I later came to see that many of their teachings and practices left a lot to be desired (and I still feel the same way).    Do I need to be baptized again? Response: No, you do not need to be baptized again.   If you wish to, that’s entirely up to you, but you are not obligated to.    If you wish to, I strongly advise that you ...

What are the politics of Jesus? Richard Rohr

Short video by Richard Rohr

Q & R: Friendly Pushback on Baptism – Brad Jersak

Question Emily Jersak (Brad's grandmother) baptized in Czechoslovakia (17 years old). Hi, Brad! Love your work! I just read "Baptism and the fate of the unprepared." Overall a great message. I did want to push back slightly on your point of "why not?" Here's my push back: I once knew someone who waited decades (plural) to get baptized. His hangup for so long was that he would be alienating his very religious but non-Christian family - to the point of being disowned - if he were to be baptized. I wonder if the point ("a point") of baptism was that it was meant to be a "low barrier" into the community of faith - i.e. Judaism required ...

Q & R: Baptism and the fate of the ‘unprepared’ – Brad Jersak

Question: If I found myself numb with pain, injured and bleeding in the cold on a cloudy day, having never been baptized for whatever reason(s), and therefore not "OFFICIALLY" in the Body of Christ as I died. Being lifelong mostly homeless, reality itself seemed to communicate to me "authoritatively" that my death and eternal punishment were now imminent? Would I have reason to quiver convulsively in deep and dreadful fear?  I was once was in the shower room of the emergency room of a Catholic hospital, being washed following an accident where my scalp, which I could see, had been hanging on the side of my face. I really was shaking in ...

What Do We Mean by “Christian Action”? Richard Rohr

6 minute video on "Christian Action" by Richard Rohr

Q & R: Are God’s hands tied until we “return” to God?

Question: Have you done any writing, or know of someone that has...around the biblical theme of "returning" to God?  In contemplative prayer, "returning" has been a beautiful invitation, but many biblical references describe the "return" as being the precursor or condition to God's favor, compassion and/or forgiveness. Undoubtedly this has contributed to the toxic idea that when we turn away, God is also turned away, and until WE do the work of returning, God can't do anything. Obviously, I know you've written and talked a lot about this in the context of the "Gospel in Chairs" ...but I'm just wondering about broader writing on the recurr...

At the Foot of the Cross – Irene Frances

THREE YEARS AGO, at the age of 70, my life was shattered by the eruption of well impacted memories of atrocious sexual abuse by a church leader.  The man was also a Christian psychiatrist who used his power to force me to stay in my loveless marriage and remain the good, submissive Christian wife he decided I should be. There are no words to describe the torment that took over my life as I tried to make sense of the enormous damage that man had done to me, and the dreadful consequences for me and my kids; no words to describe the terror of trying to regain control of my life when everything had been torn from me—my faith in God, as ...

Knowledge vs. Wisdom – Richard Rohr

Short 2 minute video by Richard Rohr.

“My God, my God” — the cry for help, heard & answered (biblical data) Brad Jersak

"And about the middle of the afternoon Jesus shouted out in a loud voice, Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani? --which means, "My God, my God, why did you abandon me?" (Matt. 27:46). I can't think of too many biblical passages that are more important and more misinterpreted than the oft-described "cry of dereliction." So much has been written from so many angles that I'll spare readers another opinion (for today). The modest purpose of this post is simply to gather some of the key biblical data one should take into account when trying to create theologies from a painful scream. Matt. 27:46 is one of Christ's seven sayings from Cross. Traditional...