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CWR Video: The Flood Story – Matt Lynch

Dr. Matthew Lynch is Dean of Studies and Old Testament scholar at Westminster Theological Centre (UK).

CWR video – Brad Jersak – “The Nexus of Good and Evil”

CWR video – Greg Albrecht – The Gospel and Food Trucks

CWR Video – Knowledge vs. Wisdom – Richard Rohr

Short 2 minute video by Richard Rohr.

CWR Video – On the Word of God – Brad Jersak

CWR Video – How to See, Not What to See – Richard Rohr

Watch a 4 minute video with Richard Rohr.

CWR Video – The Conquest by Matt Lynch

CWR Video – “Not rules-keeping but Christ-in-you” – Steve McVey

McVey-Not Rules but Christ Living in You from Plain Truth Ministries on Vimeo.

CWR Video – Contemplation vs. Stinking Thinking – Richard Rohr

4 minute video by Richard Rohr

CWR Video – Triumphal Entry – Brian Zahnd

Short video by Brian Zahnd

CWR video – “Why did Jesus die?” – Brad Jersak

Short video by Brad Jersak

CWR Video – Brian Zahnd on the Crucified God

CLICK HERE to view video   Short 7 minute video by Brian Zahnd