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February 2023 CWR Magazine

CLICK HERE to read now Greg Albrecht: How Sorry Are We? – pg. 2 Ed Dunn: Our Choice of Words – pg. 5 Brad Jersak: Zaccheus Makes Amends – pg. 6

CWR Podcast Available on New Platforms

The podcast for the weekly message of Christianity Without the Religion and the daily programs of Plain Truth Radio are now available on several podcast platforms. Join us daily and listen to Greg Albrecht, from a grace-based, Christ-centered perspective, on your phone, tablet or iPad. Sign-up through a link below: Apple iTunes --------------------------------------------- Amazon TuneIn --------------------------------------------- Google Podcasts -------------------------------------------- Spotify Podcasts -------------------------------------------- Stitcher Podcasts -------------------...

Life in the Pigpen – Bill Soinski

Life in the pigpen was great for the little piglet. The sow kept him well fed during the day and he would snuggle up to her during the night to keep nice and warm. And then there was the mud! What more could a piglet ask for? It was squishy and gooey and he would roll around in it to make him cool and comfortable in the noonday sun. The piglet felt like there was nothing else he would ever need in life. Then one day he heard a voice calling from beyond the pen. He knew there had to be something else outside the pen but never gave it much thought. After all, what else did he need that wasn’t already in his life? But that faint voice kept ...

Grieving Nels by Stuart Segall

Some of my earliest memories as a child of being fearful of death.  All my mother could do was giggle a little to have such a young 4-year-old so afraid. She tried to comfort me, as she knew how, as a young Jewish mother who had no real spiritual life or belief. When I was about 6, my parents were having our small home in Miami professionally painted. An old gentleman with silver hair and circle wire rim glasses pulled up to the house. He was the painter and his name was Nels.   Nels took out his tools and painter’s cloth and prepped the home. He asked me to be his assistant and I was thrilled.  After a few days of ...

January 2023 Plain Truth Magazine

CLICK HERE TO READ NOW Articles: Nothing But Jesus – pg. 1 A New Beginning – pg. 2 Loving Doctrine More Than People? – pg. 5 Savannah Bananas – pg. 7 Quotes & Connections – pg. 8

Sleigh Ride – Michael North

From CWR/PTM - Enjoy this song by Michael North.

Christmas at North House – Michael North

On behalf of CWR/PTM, enjoy this Christmas album by Michael North.

Archaeological Diggings – Jim Fowler

Jim Fowler The sign on the gate of the fenced enclosure read “Tel-Evangelica: Sponsored by the International Foundation of Christian Archaeology (I.F.C.A.).” There in the rolling Judean hills I was joining my first archaeological dig and looking forward with great anticipation to what we might discover. After orientation to the site and instruction as to acceptable procedures of excavation and recording, we began the tedious process of digging. Tel-Evangelica was a site, the remains of which dated back to the early Christian era. The superstructure of the buildings had long since fallen down and thus were no longer “fitly joined ...

Swing Low – Stuart Segall

"Swing low, sweet chariotComing for to carry me home,Swing low, sweet chariot,Coming for to carry me home. I looked over Jordan, and what did I seeComing for to carry me home?A band of angels coming after me,Coming for to carry me home.” Sometimes I'm up, and sometimes I'm down,(Coming for to carry me home)But still my soul feels heavenly bound.(Coming for to carry me home) (unknown and I don't know) The brightest day that I can sayComing for to carry me homeWhen Jesus washed my sins awayComing for to carry me home”“Sweet Chariot” was sung to let slaves know that they would be escaping soon. This was Harriet Tubman's favorite ...

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"Giving Tuesday" this year is November 29, 2022 PTM is a non-profit ministry.  We rely on and deeply appreciate your financial help as we share the hope and inspiration of God’s love and amazing grace.  As you benefit from our worldwide work, please Help Us Help Others. Thank you for your generosity! Following are comments from some we have helped. Thank you so much for all your encouraging work. The messages you send out help make sense of what is going on in the world today. There is hope after all when we just stay focused on Jesus Christ. —Washington Your materials have probably been the most helpful of any I’ve read or ...

December 2022 CWR Magazine

CLICK HERE to read now Brad Jersak: Our Ultimate Caregiver – pg. 2 Greg Albrecht: Incomparable & Boundless – pg. 5 Richard Rohr: Christmas: Only One Message – pg. 7

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Giving Thanks to the Master – Greg Albrecht

...real thanksgiving is not determined by food or specific traditions or by travel...the absolute necessary ingredient is the Master—Jesus Christ—the One toward whom our thanksgiving is directed. Some people think they can’t experience a time of Thanksgiving without turkey, pumpkin pie and cranberry sauce. Some think that they can’t experience a time of Thanksgiving (in Canada the second Monday in October and in the United States the last Thursday of November) unless they travel to a specific place and visit with specific people. Some summarize a perfect time of Thanksgiving as including the four F’s—food, family, friends and ...

Self-serve Christianity – Jim Fowler

Jim Fowler Remember the days when the proprietor at the mercantile, the clerk at the grocery market and the attendant at the gas station would take the time to really serve the customer? They regarded pleasant, helpful service to be their primary responsibility, whereby they might maintain loyal, satisfied customers. Their mottoes were displayed on the wall: “Service with a smile.” “The customer is always right.” Today, ours is a society of convenience stores, fast-foods and self-service. Aptly referred to as the “Me-generation,” we want just what we want, and we want it now for the least price. Ours is the age of supermarket ...

Samson – Stuart Segall

As many of us could attest, my life, all the way into my 60’s, has been a struggle. In times of trouble and despair it is always comforting to find David in the Psalms. Somehow, when we read of his despair and struggles, many of us can relate to those kinds of feelings. How gracious of God to put illustrations of David and his story in the two books of Samuel, the Kings, and the substantial book and writings that David contributed in the Psalms. David, like me, showed a roller coaster of emotions­­--highs and lows. Yet, in the end his is a story of the depth of God’s grace toward us. There are people like me, who considered themselves ...