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Reflections on Mother’s Day – By Stuart Segall

I have a Mother’s Day story that I would like to share with you. I was at my office at the end of the day on Saturday, May 7th, 2022. I usually come by at that time to feed the squirrels and birds around my office. My clients enjoy spending a few minutes watching all the activity. I was getting ready to leave while there was still light outside. As I got to my car, I looked behind the gated area where the dumpster is for the office and could see someone moving around behind the fence. I like to gather flowers during the week from several florists who support my little service of bringing flowers to widows and shut-ins at retirement and ...

Reflecting On Grace by Ed Dunn

On a recent visit to see my parents, my mother caught me completely by surprise one morning after breakfast. With a smile on her face, she handed me a small treasure buried deep in the palm of her hand. She handed me a white-gold ring. “Here,” she said, “this was your great grandmother Grace’s engagement ring. I want you to have it.” “Whoa, wow!!...really?!…my great grandmother’s engagement ring?” The thought of such a personal and precious item from my great grandmother so many years ago took me back. “I’m honored and flattered, mom, thank you so much!” Beyond that, I was speechless. I didn’t know what else to ...

This Month at PTM – May 2022

Reflecting on Grace Watch a short video and message by Ed Dunn as he updates us on the latest from Christianity Without the Religion and Plain Truth Ministries. https://vimeo.com/701411984

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled by Ed Dunn

What a time we’ve lived through together these last few years! How could we have ever imagined a global virus that would lock us down for so long? Or social injustice and unrest that would threaten to tear our country apart?  And now, the war in the Ukraine. These have been troubling times, indeed. And yet, we now find ourselves in the midst of a new Easter season. As we do, what perspective can we see in the life of Jesus to help us face and feel his peace during troubling times such as these? The gospel account is well familiar to us during this special time of year. John 14:1-27 (KJV) gives us a glimpse into a conversation as Jesus ...

This Month at PTM – April 2022

The Peace of Christ by Ed Dunn Watch a short video by Ed Dunn as he updates us on the latest from Christianity Without the Religion and Plain Truth Ministries. https://vimeo.com/691961644

Looking At Life From The Outside In – by Ed Dunn

Thirty-six years ago, I began to lose the ability to see whatever it was I was looking at directly. I began to lose my central vision. As a college freshman at the time, new to the Los Angeles, California area from the hills and hollows of rural Western Pennsylvania, I was already somewhat overwhelmed by my “big-city” environment. To suddenly and most unexpectedly face the deterioration of my eyesight, after a life of perfect, 20/20 vision to that point, I must admit, I was completely terrified. How would I go on? How would I find my way with so much of life yet ahead of me? Following a long journey of eye doctor visits and the related ...

CWR video – “Our Calling” – Ed Dunn

Short video on our Christian calling by Ed Dunn. https://player.vimeo.com/video/100961552

Doing the Work by Ed Dunn

I’ll never forget her words: Good job, Ed, good week - you are really Doing the Work! My counselor’s words would ring in my ears from the time I left her office until I would return again the following Friday afternoon. My counselor’s office had become a safe space, one I’d grown more comfortable within with each new visit. Week-in and week-out at a set time and within that comfortable space, her reinforcing message was clear: Keep Doing the work! “A counselor?!” you may ask. “Why did you need a counselor, Ed?” That’s a fair question. As a follow-up to my last column entitled, Let the Past Be the Past, please allow me an ...

This Month at PTM – February 2022

Love - 1 Corinthians 13 Watch a short video by Ed Dunn as he updates us on the latest from Christianity Without the Religion and Plain Truth Ministries. https://vimeo.com/669955697

Let the Past Be the Past by Ed Dunn

Past and future veil God from our sight; let them both be burned up with fire. – Rumi, 13th Century Persian Poet Life can give us such precious moments - a wedding day, closing on a first-home purchase, the birth of a child, a high school or college graduation – all of these events can remain with us as some of the best memories we can experience in life. Life can also present us with such difficulty and heartache at times - a bitter and contentious divorce, a financial mishap, parenting miss-steps which may have led to strained relationships with our children, health challenges and accidents – these types of events can reside with ...

This Month at PTM – January 2022

Watch a short video by Ed Dunn as he updates us on the latest from Christianity Without the Religion and Plain Truth Ministries. https://vimeo.com/659464099

The Season of Lights by Ed Dunn

I remember Christmastime as a child. I remember riding together with my brothers and sisters in the backseat of our old family station-wagon. As the days were short on sunlight during the wintery months in our particular part of Western Pennsylvania, many of our rides together took place after dark. We thought of ourselves as “country bumpkins” who grew up “in the sticks,” and as such, we knew if we could catch a glimpse of the Christmas lights from “town” on one of our rides, it would make for a real seasonal treat.    As children, we were quite lucky. Our family station-wagon was the only one of its kind, ...