CWR Magazine – June issue has arrived!

The June edition of the CWR magazine is available!
In this issue: 

Forgiveness…Who First? by Greg Albrecht – p1

The Best Father’s Day Gift by Laura Urista – p7

The Charm of Beauty in an Ugly Age by Brian Zahnd – p11

Did all people receive the Holy Spirit on Pentecost by Greg Albrecht – p12

Reflections on A More Christlike God by Amber Hamilton – p13

Wishful thinking? Or Blessed Hope! by Brad Jersak – p15

As the flagship magazine of Plain Truth Ministries (PTM) CWRm is a refreshing breath of fresh air in the midst of oppressive religion. Digital copies are sent to subscribers via direct link while hard copies in print, sent by mail, are sent as a benefit to those who provide financial support to our ongoing work.
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