“I perceive you are a prophet!” Charisma to Cockburn, Shenanigans & Sages – B Jersak

Who are the Prophets?

It’s a stubborn fact that American election cycles now feature an abundance of ‘words from the Lord,’ lobbying voters to support the candidate whom God has selected to serve as next president of the United States. The prophets tell us why God has “chosen them for such a time is this.” Readers might recall the grandiose oracles that foresaw the coronation of Sarah Palin as God’s ‘Esther’ for the White House. It seems not to matter how often these pronouncements are proven wrong. Deniability only requires blaming the voters for their defiance against God’s revealed will, and castigating the church for not praying hard enough or for being too ‘lukewarm’ to canvas for the candidate in question.

Track records notwithstanding, an appetite for these heavenly endorsements persists. In the record-breaking FOX News televised debate for GOP candidates, one call-in query “wanted to know if any of them had received a word from God …” The candidates who were cornered for an answer deftly sidestepped the question to return to their talking points, but the moment came off as comically awkward, as if they’d been asked about chronic hemorrhoids or worse. Cringe-worthy.

We waited on the edge of our seats, hoping The Donald would have to respond, but alas, time ran out before that debacle. Still, he could have cited Charisma Magazine’s ‘Prophetic Insight’ webpage, where Jeremiah Johnson treats us to this spiritual scoop:

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