I Thought It Was Good News — by Chris Falson

This is a demo recording but by popular demand I am making this available before the actual album is recorded later this year.  This song (hopefully) speaks for itself… and while many have felt rejected by Jesus or God… the rejection really comes from people who either should know better… or don’t really know at all. 

Share the song around, listen or download it for free or if you want to help fund the revolution purchase the track at the price of your choosing. Cheers!

I Thought it was Good News
by Chris Falson
(c) Leather Chair Songs 2014

There’ll be no end to the holy wars
while the one in the right is wielding the sword
in the name of the Lord

yeah a lot of blood has spilled over this living word
But it seems as if nobody ever heard
a word he say

I thought is was good news

When the ones in the pulpit are merely fans
Not friends nor lovers of the son of man
How can they understand his plans

The Kingdom gates no longer open wide
How many bruised and broken will be denied
And have to stay on the outside

I thought it was good news

Yeah sometimes I wonder if we’re talking bout the same man
Turned water into wine and healed the deaf and blind
And stepped into the gutter to love this heart if mine

I can read it in Red it says anyone
Any woman and man born under the sun
come on run to me

I don’t see any barrier or stipulation
about color or race or orientation
its an open invitation


released 23 April 2014
Drum loops from David Raven, Tambourine from Danny Ybarra, guitars, bass and very tired (on tour) voice from moi    


all rights reserved
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