Here’s some fun stuff that friends have shared with me recently.  Did you know …..

  • It’s been so cold in Washington D.C. that the politicians have had to keep their hands in their own pockets.

It’s easy to get depressed during this pandemic.  One way to remain sane during the COVID lockdown is with hi-jinks and practical jokes, keeping your sense of humor … doing things like…

  1. Take your car out to a busy road and park on the side of the highway, put your sunglasses on and point your hair dryer down the road at oncoming traffic.  Have fun watching traffic quickly slow down.
  2. Go to the ATM and when your money comes out, yell “I won, I won!”
  3. While I do not, of course recommend the following for everyone, I heard that some parents whose children are used to light hearted banter with their parents, to help relieve the tension and worry the family was facing, announced to them at dinner, “Due to the economy we are going to have to let one of you go.”
  4. COVID has been tough on kids and parents … apparently some parents who had no money to buy their children gifts at Christmas just told them that Santa didn’t make it through the pandemic.  [Again, not an endorsed or approved behavior, just saying…]
  5. If your shopping mall is open during COVID, pick out some clothing and go to the dressing rooms to try them on.  On the way to the dressing rooms do your best to convince the sales people you are lost and don’t really know where you are.  Once in the dressing room start yelling, “There’s no toilet paper in here!”
  • News flash – Many of us have been gaining weight during COVID!  Someone told me the letter most adults sent to Santa this year:  “Dear Santa, All I want is a fat bank account and a lean, skinny body.  I asked you for the same things last year but I think you got my requests mixed up!
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