Rebuilding – Debbie Hughes

My Faith deconstruction

 felt like a slow motion imploding of my faith.

The beliefs I based my soul on 

My family’s soul

All those I loved and held so dear 

My born again at the alter experience 

Childhood – teenage – adulthood


No longer works 

No longer rings true 

What is missing?

 What do I believe deep in my heart —

even deeper, into my SOUL?

The word Christian sounds so hollow.


Like you can pick up that word or lay it down depending on your mood or circumstances.

So much hurt and isolation.

I CANNOT cling to that WORD.

I choose to let it go.


that’s a word that rings true.

A word that conjures up love, grace, acceptance, trust

A lifestyle that allows room for the sinner to come to grace.

For the unloved to come to know love and acceptance.

You, dear friend have a seat the banquet table 


You are not an enemy but a fellow HEIR.


that name soothes my heart- 

my mind —

 and my VERY SOUL 

It is healing oil poured over me 

without baggage,

without condemnation.

Balm to heal my wounds 

Clarity to restore my turbulent mind 

Yes —

My foundation will rebuild on that name and with faith in HIM 

I will be His hands and feet

I will love His children-

 ALL PEOPLE are His children We are woven together into a tapestry where we all belong together and we all belong to God.

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