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CWR Magazine – Dec. 2017 “The King Who Became a Man”

CLICK HERE to read the CWRm Christmas issue In this issue: "The King Who Became a Man" by Greg Albrecht (1-5) "The Great Scandal: That God Became Man" by Brad Jersak (5-7) "God With Us" by Eden Jersak (8-11, 14) Sidebar: "The Mennonites: People, Faith and Culture" (8) "Great News of Great Joy" by Laura Urista (12) "Waiting for God to Act" by Brian Zahnd (13-14) Pastoral Perspective: "If God is love, why would he allow a place like hell?" by Greg Albrecht (15) CWR audio schedule (16) 

It All Comes From God

Doxology might appear to be just another high-falutin' rootin tootin' theological term, but the doxology in Romans 11:33-36 helps us discover purpose and significance behind our praise and worship of God.

Giving Thanks to the Master

In the final analysis, we are thankful not for things or a "what"-but a Who. In the ultimate and final sense, our thanksgiving is for the immeasurable grace of our Master.

Meals on Wheels

It's amazing how much of Jesus' time was spent talking about food, and in preparing, creating and consuming it - not to mention attending banquets. And he himself is the Bread of life - a completely different kind of food, not found in restaurants or even some establishments that promise spiritual food in his name.

The Other Reformation: How Martin Luther Changed Our Beer, Too – Nina Martyris

On this day 500 years ago, an obscure Saxon monk launched a protest movement against the Catholic Church that would transform Europe. Martin Luther's Protestant Reformation changed not just the way Europeans lived, fought, worshipped, worked and created art but also how they ate and drank. For among the things it impacted was a drink beloved throughout the world and especially in Luther's native Germany: beer. The change in beer production was wrought by the pale green conical flower of a wildly prolific plant — hops. Every hip craft brewery today peddling expensive hoppy beers owes a debt of gratitude to Luther and his followers for ...

Downward Mobility

Jesus disciples all wanted to be rich and famous, but the kingdom of heaven is founded on an opposing value -- serving others rather than serving ourselves.

“Back-to-Church Sunday” – Greg Albrecht

by Greg Albrecht Many of the letters I receive are like Forrest Gump's box of chocolates—"you never know what you're gonna get." Recently I received a clever promotional message urging PTM and CWR to participate in "Back-to-Church Sunday." The letter explained that Back-to-Church Sunday is a great way to get the "unchurched" and the "de-churched" back to church. The coalition responsible for the letter explained that Back-to-Church Sunday is held annually in early to mid September, taking advantage of the time when students are going "back to school." The message implored me to help this new initiative, because, as the message claimed, ...

Is the Bible ‘the Word of God’? Q & A with Greg Albrecht

Question: Some people call the Bible “the Word of God.” Is it? What is the Bible exactly? Some say it is inspired, and then some even say it is infallible and inerrant.

Love, Justice and Eternal Punishment? Greg Albrecht

I absolutely reject a characterization of God as a primitive god of wrath on the grounds of the person of Jesus Christ and the fullness of his gospel. God the Father did not insist that God the Son die so that God the Father could be vindicated. In seeking a humanly satisfactory motive for the cross of Christ, this outrageous idea diminishes the love of God and perverts his very nature.

God “Friended” Us! – Greg Albrecht

By Greg Albrecht What a friend we have in Jesus! So goes that great old hymn—and its message is the gospel truth. In John 15:9-17 Jesus encourages us to remain in him and with him. In the Authorized King James Version the word used is "abide." Jesus is requesting that we stay with him. He's saying, "Don't move away. Don't wander away. Stay with me. Remain with me." Jesus is saying, "Keep your eyes and focus on me. Don't ever stop looking to me as the absolute center of your faith. Don't allow religious ceremonies and rituals to confuse you—so that you think our relationship (your friendship with me) depends on you." This passage is a ...