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Giving Up …

There is no doubt that sacrifice, giving up, and surrendering are hallmarks of Christ-centered faith - but, do we give up something in order to convince God to love us, or do we willingly surrender to him because he has already given us his abundant love? https://www.ptm.org/mp3/FreeDwnld/RCWR471.mp3

Transforming Prayer

If you're looking for some direction about how your prayers can rise above the level of "give me this - give me that: help me - save me - heal me" then you will want to join us for "Transforming Prayer." https://www.ptm.org/mp3/FreeDwnld/RCWR467.mp3

My House Will Be Full

While good, church going folk of Jesus’ day excluded many “non-members” and those they determined to be ne’er-do-wells from their banquets and festivities, Jesus proclaimed that all are invited — he said “my house will be full.” https://www.ptm.org/mp3/FreeDwnld/RCWR466.mp3

The Jesus Train

The lyrics of the old gospel song "This Train is Bound for Glory" proclaim that it doesn't carry no gambler, smokers, two bit liars or small time jokers - but "The Jesus Train" welcomes all those people and many more. https://www.ptm.org/mp3/FreeDwnld/RCWR465.mp3

A Father’s Legacy

This week as we celebrate Father’s Day we consider the high calling of human fatherhood, and we give thanks for our gracious and loving heavenly Father. https://www.ptm.org/mp3/FreeDwnld/RCWR122.mp3

Crucified Identities

"How are you?" is a common greeting.  Even when the person who says those words really wants to know how we are, and  while how we are is important for the here and now, who we are is critically important on this and the other side of eternity.   https://www.ptm.org/mp3/FreeDwnld/RCWR475.mp3

What Is the Gospel? – Part 2

The gospel of Jesus Christ is in its own league, entirely different from any and all religion. Our message invites you to discover why God isn’t interested in human attempts to “roll our own” gospel.

What Is the Gospel? – Part 1

In this first of a two-part series about the gospel, we learn that the gospel is more than what Jesus said and did. The gospel was and is who Jesus is. Jesus is the gospel, and the gospel is Jesus.

He Loves Us More

God’s unconditional love is refreshing and welcome news for all of us, especially as we live in an increasingly polarized, fragmented world. Greg talks about God’s grace, and why we have difficulty grasping and accepting it.

Relational Prayer

Greg discusses religious innovations, teachings, traditions and interpretations about prayer and contrasts them with Christ-centered, relational prayer. Prayer is a critical part of your relationship with God.

The Ministry of Death — or The Ministry of Life?

God speaks to us, through Paul, in 2 Corinthians 3:6-8. We have a choice: dead religion — formulaic, the same-old, menu-driven spiritual rituals and ceremonies— or — dynamic, exuberant relational life in Christ? Which will it be?

A Storm, a Ship and a Harbor

Come with us on a journey — a storm, a ship that encounters the storm and the harbor that awaits the end of a turbulent voyage. It’s all about your relationship with God.