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May-Jun 2015

Articles: Gateway to the Gospels: Luke - page 1 Unsnatchable! - page 2 The New Covenant: Part 2 - page 4 Reading & Understanding the Bible...Part 2 - page 6 Tangled Trees - page 7  

Summer 2015

Articles: I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For -p4 Would you Choose the Truth Over Christ? -p11 Would you Choose Christ Over the Truth? -p12 "The Bible clearly says..." -p13 You Can't Imagine How Much He Loves You -p15 The Church As We Know It -p17 Regret--the Silent Killer -p18 Rx for Remorse, Regret, Resentment -p22 In the Shadow of the Mushroom Cloud -p24 Behaving Badly -p26 The Calf Path -p30 The Only Way to Really Get It -p31

Spring 2015

Articles: Welcome to CWRm!  - p4 The Truth Is Beautiful -p6 Abraham Lincoln: A "None" Before His Time -p7 Walking Where Jesus Walked? -p14 Politics & Christ-Followers -p16 Just How Does "Dying for Our Sins" Work? -p17 Deserve's Got Nothing to Do With It -p18 Up Against Religion -p20 God Lets His Children Tell the Story -p21 Massacres in the Name of Religion -p23 Why the Cross Matters -p25 More than a Magazine (2014 Year in Review) -p26 Whitney Houston: Was She or Wasn't She?? -p28  

Mar-Apr 2015

Articles: Gateway to the Gospels: Mark - page 1 Everything for Nothing - page 2 The New Covenant: Part 1 - page 4 Reading & Understanding the Bible: Part 1 - page 6 Seeking the Kingdom? - page 7

Jan-Feb 2015

Articles:  Transitions: Past, Present & Future - page 1 Jesus -- Superior and Supreme - page 8 Gateway to the Gospels: Matthew - page 13 Death, Loss, Pain & Laughter - page 16 All Jesus, All the Time - page 17 Grace & Response: First Things First - page 19 The "Typhoon of Steel" - page 22 Why We Believe What We Believe - page 23 The Kiln - page 30 You and Me and Our Father - page 31  

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Summer 2014

Spring 2014

CWR video – George Sarris – “Does God Love Humanity?”

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