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Fall 2016

Articles: Remembering 9-11: 15 Years Later - page 4 When Towers Fall - page 11 Five Stages of Religious Violence - page 14 Religion That's Lost Its Way - page 16 What's so "Christian" about Christianity? - page 17 "Fear Not" - page 18 Raising Children with Fearless Faith - page 20 The Dogs of Legalism: Can Religion Help with Stress? - page 21 The Therapeutic Massage of Prayer - page 25 George MacDonald's Spiritual Journey (& mine too) - page 26 House of Cards - page 27 Times of Refreshing and Restoration - page 31

Nov-Dec 2016

Articles: The Parables of Jesus--Part 2 - page 1 For Those Who are Banged Up a Little - page 2 "No" to Wrath and "Yes" to Love--Part 2 -page 5 A Little at a Time -page 7

Sep-Oct 2016

Articles: The Parables of Jesus--Part 1 - page 1 Living a Life of Love - page 2 "No" to Wrath and "Yes" to Love--Part 1 - page 5 "That's more than I wanted to know..." - page 7

Summer 2016

Articles: Whose Image Is on the Coin? Religion & Politics - p4 Why We Love The Walking Dead - p8 I Wish the Bible Had Never Been Written - p14 God Is Not a Monster - p15 The Gospel in Three Words - p17 Because He First Loved Us - p18 Raising Children Un-fundamentalist - p20 You Don't Need Another Study Bible - p21 Putting the World Back Into Christianity - p23 Burning Ember: The Steve Bell Adventure - p25 Father, Forgive Us - p28 Walking Through Minefields Together - p29 Missing What Mark? -p31

Jul-Aug 16

Articles: Beatitudes--Part 4 - page 1 I Fought the Law - page 2 Obedience is Dangerous - page 5 Is Jesus a Protestant? - page 7

May-Jun 16

Articles: Beatitudes--Part 3 - page 1 Grace Is Senseless, Irrational and Absurd - page 2 What's New about the New Covenant? - page 5 Calling in the Pros - page 7  

Spring 2016

Articles: The Jesus Way - p4 Out for Blood? - p7 Golgatha: Collision of Sin and Grace - p13 The verdict Is In... -p14 Jesus at the Gates of Hell - p17 The Importance of Doubt - p19 Strange Land of Dread and Denial - p20 More Than Magazines (2015 Year in Review) -p26 Kissing Evangelism Goodbye - p28 The Jewish Teacher - p29 God Is Not the Witch -p31

Mar-Apr 16

Articles: Beatitudes--Part 2 - page 1 Death Swallowed Up - page 2 The Cross as Conquest - page 5 All Is Vanity - page 7  

Jan-Feb 16

Articles: Huddle Up for 2016...and Beyond! - page 1 Dream On With Jesus - page 2 Beatitudes--Part 1 - page 4 A Thief or a Messenger? - page 7

The Cross and the Pandemic by Greg Albrecht

The Cross of Christ in the Midst of This Pandemic. During all the depressing news of these dark days of the COVID-19 pandemic, spirits were lifted and hope soared at the sight of USNS Comfort sailing into New York and USNS Mercy arriving in Los Angeles. There are no denominational or ministry logos adorning these ships – just a red cross. No dogma, no “look at us” – just a look-to-Him Cross. Just Comfort and Mercy. Here is the gospel – here is the message of the Cross of Christ. Comfort and Mercy. Sadly, the only message we hear from many in Christendom is a dogmatic condemnation that COVID-19 is a final warning from God, telling ...

Women and Children First by Greg Albrecht

Survivors Of The Rms Titanic In One Of Her Collapsible Lifeboats, Just Before Being Picked Up By The Carpathia. Woman Are Sharing In The Rowing. Most of us, thankfully, have not experienced the trauma of climbing into a lifeboat in order to escape a sinking ship.  However, thanks to Hollywood, the vast majority of us have witnessed cinematic scenes when, in the aftermaths of disasters, women and children are given priority. When thinking of a nautical catastrophe, many would immediately recall the classic 1997 film, Titanic, and the heart-rending historical, fictional story of Rose (Kate Winslett) and Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio). ...

Winter 2015

Articles: God...More Than a "Christian"? -p4 When Poetry Devolves into Doctrine -p8 He's There For You & With You (God With Us)- p10 Why I Still Believe in God -p18 How the WORD Read the Word -p23 God Is Just Like Jesus - p25 God Is Love...and Love Never Ends -p26 You Are Worth More than Chewing Gum! -p31

Fall 2015

Articles: Responding to the River of God's Grace -p4 Reading the Bible as an Epic Story -p8 Everything Happens for a  Reason...Or? -p9 Giving Thanks to the Master -p11 Millennials and Money -p14 Don't Water it Down -p16 "Are you saved?" -p17 Jesus IS What God Has to Say -p19 Inspiried, Infallible & Inerrant? -p20 Does Recovering from Religion Have to be Morose p25 Are Bible Verses the Worst Thing Ever? -p26 Disarming Scripture -p28 Defending the Bible? -p31

Nov-Dec 2015

Articles:  The Visitor - page 1 Apart From and before God's Grace - page 2 Fellowship of the Unashamed - page 4 Perils of Bible Dissection - page 5 Reading the Bible Right - page 6 God Loves China - page 7

Sep-Oct 2015

Articles: Can We "Make" God Love Us More or Less? - page 1 God Gave Them Over... -  page 2 The Bible Says It...but Does That Settle It? - Page 4 Reading & Understanding the Bible... Part 4 - page 6 Whiskey & Cigars? - page 7