The End of the ‘But’ Message – Josh Felts

The “BUT
message” is extremely popular in evangelical Christianity. This message is at
the core of many sermons and is shouted from pulpits all across the world every
week. I believe it is time we address it.  
I am sure you
have heard statements such as: 
  • God loves you
  • God has grace
    for you BUT
  • God is
    merciful BUT
  • God is for
    you and not against you BUT
  • He will never
    leave you nor forsake you BUT
  • Jesus
    finished the work on the cross once and for all BUT 
I believe
we have forgotten what comes out of butts and I think we all know what I am
talking about… Can we please stop taking a dump on the beautiful reality of the
Gospel and the finished work of the cross?
While the
“BUT message” may be popular, it is certainly not the Gospel. Next
time you hear someone share a beautiful Gospel truth then follow their
statement with “BUT” and a list of what you must do to obtain it, just remember
what comes out of butts. May we never forget, the Gospel is a scandal
and all buts must be left out. 
At the core of
this “but message” is the very essence of religion; it is all about what you
can do for God. Thankfully, the Gospel is about what He did for us. When
we add conditions based on our response, works, or efforts to obtain it, it is
no longer grace… That is the law. Grace is completely unearned, undeserved, and
quite frankly, not fair. It is very evident many people love placing conditions
on the love and grace of God. However, it is time that we all be reminded that
His love and grace is unconditional. 
Humanity, you
can be confident in knowing:
  • God loves
    you… PERIOD
  • Gods grace is
    for you… PERIOD
  • God is
    merciful… PERIOD
  • God is for
    you and not against you… PERIOD 
  • He will never
    leave you nor forsake you… PERIOD 
  • Jesus
    finished the work on the cross once and for all… PERIOD 
  • The Gospel is
    not a message of what can be true if you respond to it properly; 
  • The Gospel is
    a declaration of what is true… PERIOD! 
Be encouraged,
Josh Felts
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