The Importance of Being Creative During Deconstruction – David Hayward

Alone But Not Lonely – by Nakedpastor David Hayward

Making art was an important part of my healing and reconstruction process.

I didn’t know this at the beginning of my deconstruction. It didn’t know this consciously after I’d left the ministry and the church. In fact, it wasn’t until I published my new book, The Liberation of Sophia, that I realized making art helped save me.
It was the week after I left the church when I drew my first Sophia drawing. The one with the bear. The inspiration to draw her was unstoppable.
It was four years later when I drew my last one. The inspiration to draw her stopped.
It was when it stopped that I realized it was probably important that I did it. Drawing Sophia every week and writing about her journey was, I concluded, a crucial part of my healing.
It’s strange, but when I stopped drawing Sophia, I also stopped painting. I haven’t done a new piece in quite a while.
I draw my cartoons every day. I enjoy it. It’s creative. But it’s my work.
Being creative just for creativity’s sake! I need to get disciplined in that again. And I’m going to advise people when they are going through deconstruction to be creative and discipline themselves to be creative every day.


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