This is the Best Issue Ever!

What Others Are Saying About the September 2021 Plain Truth

“For many years, my husband and I have read every sentence of the mailings we receive from you, and we are always blessed, encouraged and educated by your writings. But the September 2021 issue of Plain Truth (and the accompanying Partner letter) is the best issue ever!

     Not only are all of the articles right on the money for concerns we and our family, friends and neighbors have, but the wording of all articles makes us even more eager than normal to hand on our copies to them.

     If there ever is a long-term solution to the problems on our dying earth and in our dying civilizations, your work will rank at the very top of helping us all heal. Please thank everyone who endeavors in these efforts with you all.” – Idaho

“I was moved to tears reading the September Plain Truth article, “Remembering 9-11 in the Wake of 2020.” New York

“This latest issue of the Plain Truth (September 2021) is truly an amazing piece of Christ-centered journalism – speaking to real issues.  It is relevant and oh-so-timely.  It is comforting without being maudlin – teaching rather than being “preach-y.” I am so proud to be part of the efforts of Plain Truth Ministries, and I will make sure others know of this edition and I will urge them to read it.” – Texas

“I have read many editorials and opinion pieces about what has happened to this world in the past few years – none of them come close to the insights and wisdom given in the lead article of the September 2021 Plain Truth, “Remembering 9-11 in the Wake of 2020.” California

“I put down the September Plain Truth, after reading it cover to cover, and gave thanks that this message – this emphasis – this Christ-centered gospel is being published and proclaimed.

Believe me, I will tell anyone who will listen to me that they need to read this issue.  Thank you and thank God.” – Ohio

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