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Selected comments from religious refugees PTM/CWR serves by the grace of God.


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There are many charities out there who seem to need help. It seems like I give to one and suddenly receive requests from ten more out of nowhere. I believe at this time CWR/PTM is the most truthful and sincere. I thank you for your help. —Michigan

Thanks for being a “friend” to me and so many others, for stripping many false perspectives of God learned from religious traditions. God has used your work to enlighten many hearts with the vision you have painted of a loving, merciful God full of grace and acceptance for ALL his children. I feel so thankful to be part of this ministry. —Arizona

There are no words to properly convey how important you all are to my life and I pray for abundant financial and spiritual blessings to everyone at PTM/CWR. —California

I just want to tell you how much the messages you have given this past week have meant to me. I pray the return of Christ to this crazy world will be sooner than later. Thank you again for your messages and I hope to soon be able to contribute again to your amazing work. —Canada

Thank you for all the help you send.  I am so grateful and love all the sermons. God bless you, your family and staff. —Minnesota

Your letters and magazines are always enlightening, inspiring and uplifting and are received with much gratitude. —Texas

About six months ago I discovered your website and since then I have devoured all I can—the magazines, sermons, letters, blogs—the many resources you provide free of charge. I’ve started to donate because your ministry is worth every penny! Don’t ever give up! —Florida

Ten years ago I was homeless, strung out on drugs and addicted to alcohol. I cannot even begin to tell you how much you have helped me! By God’s grace my life is now so different to my life ten years ago that I have to pinch myself. I can never thank you enough! —Mississippi

I used to attend a legalistic church and lived to please God by keeping the “law”…until your ministry helped me understand grace! Now I live in gratitude, living to please God by loving Him and letting Him love me, accept His free gift and live in me by God’s Holy Spirit. —North Carolina

Your writings articulate that the gospel is truly good news to people damaged by a distorted view of God. I lived my whole life convinced I was a wretched sinner, desperate to justify why God allowed terrible things to happen. Your teachings helped me finally break free. —Northern Ireland

You have given me many great ideas for sermons. I listen to your sermons on your website, not just for ideas but for my own encouragement, because a pastor’s life can get lonely especially if one determines (as I did years ago) to forget the religion and focus on Jesus. —South Africa

I do my daily stretching while listening to your Daily Radio. It makes the pain of the stretch easier to bear as it helps take my mind off the pain. My exercise stretches my body and your teaching stretches my brain and soul! I just find that pretty cool. —Florida

You have no idea what PTM means to me. Several years ago, I was seriously mixed up about God and about my faith, and you came along and every step of the way you have slowly but surely helped me to start following Jesus rather than Christ-less religion. —California

I just started reading some of your materials and I’m blown away by the amazing picture you give of who God is. I’ve always projected a mean, condemning spirit onto God. I just wanted to say I’m very encouraged! Thank you! —North Carolina

I’ve been visiting your website for a few months and I’m starting to recommend you to some friends. We really like the teachings and free resources you are providing. —Florida

Thanks for exposing Christ-less religion’s lies about a place of eternal torture if one doesn’t toe the line. Keep up the good work! —Georgia

Thank you for all the encouraging material you provide. Wow! Great job! I can’t say ‘thank you’ enough! —Washington

I am grateful for the work done through CWR/PTM. I can assure you that all of your material I’ve had the privilege of receiving over the years has been a blessing and your labor of love is cherished beyond words. —Texas

Thank you so much for all you are doing. We enjoy all the magazines, booklets and CDs.  May God bless all of you! Our prayers are with you. —Louisiana

Thank you for continuing to preach the gospel.  You are truly inspired by the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us. God bless all of you at CWR/PTM. —Prince Edward, Canada

Thank you for the encouraging letters you send each month. They always contain nuggets of wisdom to inspire and strengthen us all. —North Carolina

In this fast-paced life CWR/PTM is much appreciated. Your Christ-centered messages are food for the soul. Thank you for sharing the good news. You are in my prayers. —Texas

Thank you so much for being there and letting God work through you.  Because of you preaching the REAL GOD, I and many others are being healed spiritually, mentally and physically. Thank you, thank you, thank you! —Kentucky

I know that all of you have an important role in promoting and enabling the Kingdom of God.  You and your families are remembered in my daily prayers. —Ontario, Canada

It’s such a privilege to support and be a part of this life-saving ministry. Keep up the good work!  Blessings to all of you. —Michigan

We all owe our God thanks for the efforts of Plain Truth Ministries for faith and love of the Gospel. —Colorado

Thank you so much for the Christ-centered, grace-based sermons and literature. I gratefully thank God for the opportunity to prayerfully and financially support CWR/PTM. —Email

I wish everyone in the world would subscribe to PTM. What a wonderful ministry that I have supported for many years and will continue to support as long as I live. —Kentucky

I believe that you are doing a great work sharing the truth of God’s word to many, and I pray that many more will be moved. —Michigan

Thank you for all the blessings you share through Jesus Christ our Lord. —Washington

Keep on sharing the best news ever; the mystery of the gospel.  Keep talking about the New Covenant and God’s grace. —New Jersey

Thank you so much for the wonderful work that CWR/PTM is doing. Our prayer is that this message will reach all people in this world. God bless all of you. —Louisiana

Thank God for the success of your efforts in bringing people to follow Jesus Christ—I pray that He will continue to bless your efforts. —Maryland

Much that is happening in the world is painful and scary. But my wife and I are among the very blessed because we belong to Jesus Christ and we listen to the team at CWR/PTM. —Nevada

Love you all! Your work is so encouraging! It’s really Good News! —Colorado

You are coming out strong on the messages of Christ—this world needs it. I am so thankful to God for you, and I’ve learned so much how God has directed my life. —Illinois

Thank you so much for all the CWR/PTM literature. It’s very encouraging to me at this difficult time in my life. —Tennessee

PTM/CWR has helped us a lot. Your books over the years never go out of date. I keep reading them over again. —Minnesota

There are not enough words on earth to express my wife’s and my gratitude for all CWR/PTM has contributed to our life, and our authentic Christian growth in amazing grace, knowledge and understanding. May our awesome God provide our every need. —Alaska

Thank you for opening up the scriptures to see a great God of grace. May the power of the Holy Spirit remain in Jesus’ wonderful work at PTM. —Florida

I’ve learned more from PTM/CWR than I’ve learned in a church for over 32 years. I now have a wonderful relationship with God the Father and His Son Jesus. Thank you all. —Texas

Thank you for the monthly partner letters and sermons I get each month. They help keep me focused on Jesus and not the law. Faith alone, grace alone, Christ alone. —Kentucky

CWR/PTM I thank you for teaching me the love of GOD and JESUS CHRIST. —Delaware

I’ve been listening to your radio teaching ministry (CWR audio) for a while now and it is really a blessing to me. You’ve been helping me in my struggle to live in relationship with “Pa” in Jesus, in grace which I desperately need. Keep up your good work. —Finland

I just love to read the CWRm and PT magazines. There’s so much important information to ponder. Your magazines always provide a spiritual feast. I’m thankful for your faithful feeding of my mind, soul and spirit. Thank you very much! —Arizona

You present the gift of grace with clarity and simplicity like no other ministry. You have helped me understand how God’s people were first commanded to worship via “works-based’ physical means, but later after Christ’s sacrifice via spiritual, “grace-led” means. —Ontario, Canada

CWR/PTM has a lot of good resources I’ve been enjoying for years. Now I have a “new” one. I’ve been downloading mp3 podcasts of the Daily Radio for a few days. Thanks to all those involved in putting together the radio programs and everything else on your site. —Nebraska

Thank you for the articles and letters—they are a great inspiration of God’s truth.  Keep teaching the truth of Jesus Christ and the Triune God. —Pennsylvania

As always, thanks so very much for your faithful work. You are one big blessing in God’s work.  Can’t say thanks enough! —Florida

Thank you for your continuing steadfastness for courageously making known “The Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ” to the world in His love. —Michigan

Thank you for your ministry. I pray it helps all those struggling with their faith. —New Jersey

Thanks for lifting the veil of religion. I now see the true God and His love for the first time. —Florida

One great thing this ministry has taught me is about God’s amazing grace and I thank you more than words can say. —South Carolina

I’m struggling to connect with God. I can’t tell if I’m even getting through, but I really do enjoy all the written materials and monthly letters that you send. —Colorado

Thank you very much for your message about doubt and its role with faith. I found it very reaffirming when applying it to my personal path with Jesus. God bless! —Email

I was a drug addict and in prison. I knew in my heart I couldn’t get free. But God brought my heart to him. I felt His presence of perfect love in my life. I said “Lord, lead me wherever you want to lead me.” Thank you, PTM, for helping me get to know Him better. —Finland

Thank you so much for all your encouraging work. The messages you send out help make sense of what is going on in the world today. There is hope after all when we just stay focused on Jesus Christ. —Washington

Thank you for the magazines. They are a great comfort in these troubling times! The messages are always a great help to me. Thank you and God bless PTM! —Wisconsin

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