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Victory in Suffering Pt 6 – God’s Presence in the Storms of Life

Monday 20th September 2021

The storms of life with their suffering, pain and heartache are never pleasant — they make us afraid and they cause us a great deal of worry. In today’s program hear what we can learn about suffering from the story of the disciples on the stormy sea.


Victory in Suffering Pt 5 – Rest in the Midst of Suffering

Friday 17th September 2021

The real life we live as humans often has some degree of suffering in it. With Jesus Christ in our lives we can have rest in that suffering.


Victory in Suffering Pt 4 – Victory the End of Suffering

Thursday 16th September 2021

Don’t miss this program where Greg explores how in the midst of suffering we can be God’s tools — that in Jesus we have the victory, even in suffering.


Victory in Suffering Pt 3 – The Truth About Suffering

Wednesday 15th September 2021

Many people assume that suffering is the result of a person doing something wrong or sinful in their lives, but is that true? In this third program of an 8 program series on suffering Greg tells the truth about suffering.


Victory in Suffering Pt 2 – A New Look at Suffering

Tuesday 14th September 2021

This is a painful but very real part of life. We all go through suffering to one degree or another, and we ask the question, “Why did God allow. . .?” But let’s also ask “Why does God allow so much good to happen?” Listen to this new perspective as Greg explores the purpose of suffering.


Victory in Suffering Pt 1 – Why Does God Allow Suffering?

Monday 13th September 2021

Some of the most compelling, most difficult questions about God and about Christianity, center on the topic of suffering: Should Christians suffer? Why do Christians suffer? Why does anyone suffer? Stay with us in this 8 program series, “Victory in Suffering”


What On Earth is Our Heavenly Father Doing?

Friday 10th September 2021

Jesus taught us to pray, “Our Father…” For some this is difficult because of negative experiences with their physical fathers, but God is a loving and faithful God with a positive objective in mind for us. Join Greg for today’s program as he talks about what God is doing with us.


Poverty and the Homeless

Thursday 9th September 2021

A caller to a talk-radio show suggested that the poor and homeless should be taken out and shot. Greg contrasts that attitude toward the needy with the early Christian church’s example.


Running From God

Wednesday 8th September 2021

We humans tend to run from God — exactly in the opposite direction from where we think he is and what he wants us to do — and in a way similar to the way Jonah ran from God.


Looking For God in All the Wrong Places

Tuesday 7th September 2021

When you are looking for God where do you look? Better said, when God is looking for you, where will he find you? And is meeting God according to our drumbeat or His?


Our Gracious Heavenly Father

Monday 6th September 2021

Today an increasing number of parents are running away from their children. Thankfully our heavenly Father is not like us. He does not do that. In today’s program Greg takes a look at God, as our heavenly Father, and the pattern God gives us for parenting.


No More Tears

Friday 3rd September 2021

Can we as Christians do anything about the pain and heartache in this world? Should we even try? After all, Jesus said his kingdom is not part of this world and promises to wipe away every tear — but can we just sit in the grandstands watching all the suffering now?


Do You Want to be Healed?

Thursday 2nd September 2021

Jesus asked a man crippled for 38 years if he wanted to be healed. That healing changed everything about his life. Similarly, spiritual healing will change everything about our lives. Jesus asks you and me if we want to be healed. It’s up to us.


It’s Not My Fault!

Wednesday 1st September 2021

Will Rogers once said that history will record the passing of the American Indian, the passing of the buffalo and the passing of the buck. “Who me, I’m not responsible,” is a popular human response for bad behavior. What is the biblical perspective about this?


Love, Honor and Respect

Tuesday 31st August 2021

Have we become angrier, more confrontational, more in-your-face? Are intolerance, disrespect, criticism, castigation and put-downs on a Christian “to do” list?


Watch the Lamb!

Monday 30th August 2021

Oskar Schindler saved the lives of 1,200 Jews during WWII but agonized over the thought that he could have done more. Similarly we can never do enough to rid ourselves of sin. The central message of Christianity is, “Look to the Lamb of God! Only he can remove the burden of our sins.”


Trapped By Religion

Friday 27th August 2021

Has a normal, likeable friend of yours ever suddenly “got religion” and become an unreasonable, fire-breathing, hypercritical, placard-carrying, end-times-predicting kook? Why does religion do that? Is that what God wants? Greg discusses the dangers of religious fundamentalism.


Overcoming Fear

Thursday 26th August 2021

People are afraid of change, the future, getting older, death, pain, loneliness, failure and others who are different from us. Fear leads to distrust, alienation, bitterness and hatred. Greg talks about the antidote to fear in today’s program.


What God Expects

Wednesday 25th August 2021

Science tells us we are blobs of protoplasm. Psychology likens us to rats running through a maze. But who are we, and what does God expect of us? Greg discusses both what God does not expect and what he does expect from us.

Having the Experience — Missing the Meaning

Tuesday 24th August 2021

There’s a line in the musical “Cats” from T.S. Elliot which says, “We had the experience but we missed the meaning.” Does that describe your life? Greg talks about spiritual maturity and how to avoid missing the meaning of our experiences.

When Trouble Comes

Monday 23rd August 2021

Many historians believe that the 21st century started on September 11, 2001, when murder and mayhem rained down on America. We live in a time of fear and trouble. What encouragement does the Bible offer? Greg talks about our certain security when trouble comes.


Friday 20th August 2021

Do morals and values matter anymore? Greg relates “Eight Blunders of the World” among which are politics without principle, commerce without morality and rights without responsibility. He goes on then to talk about honesty — about integrity, truth and character.

The Pale Horse – Legalistic Religion Produces Dead Men Walking

Thursday 19th August 2021

Greg uses the pale horse in this last program of our four part series, The Four Horsemen of Legalism, to show that legalism produces people who seem to have life but are dead-men-walking. In contrast he talks about the life giving grace God offers us.

The Black Horse – Legalistic Religion is Bondage

Wednesday 18th August 2021

This is the third program in our four part series, The Four Horsemen of Legalism, Greg shows how legalism has no life to give — that it only gives bondage and leads to death. He explains that religious and legalistic teachings often become the “gospel” that is proclaimed rather than Jesus.

The Red Horse – Legalistic Religion Destroys Peace

Tuesday 17th August 2021

In this second program of our four part series called The Four Horsemen of Legalism, Greg shows how legalism destroys peace, makes people miserable and distances us from God. If you think you may be involved in legalistic religion, you need to hear this program.

The White Horse — Legalistic Religion Conquers and Controls

Monday 16th August 2021

In this first program of a four part series called The Four Horsemen of Legalism, Greg takes a look at the spirit of Anti-Christ — at counterfeit Christianity — at groups and people who fleece the flock rather than feed the flock and use God-talk to deceive and to conquer.

The Revelation about Human Accomplishment — The End of it All

Friday 13th August 2021

In this last program of our 10-program series on the book of Revelation, Greg talks about Jesus’ conclusion in his Revelation to us, as well as the heritage Jesus offers us in it.

The Music and the Millennium of the Book of Revelation

Thursday 12th August 2021

Included in Revelation’s greatest hits is the song in chapter 5, “Worthy Is The Lamb,” and a new song in chapter 15, “The Song of the Lamb,” based on the song of Moses. What is the message of Revelation’s music, and what is this thing called “the Millennium” all about?

Revelation: Plagues, Armageddon and the Fall of Babylon

Wednesday 11th August 2021

Jesus Christ is the divine author, central character and hero of the Book of Revelation, but who are the bad guys? To whom was Revelation originally written and why was it written?

Revelation: Chapters 12-15 — The Woman and the Dragon

Tuesday 10th August 2021

Who are the woman, the dragon, the Antichrist and the beast? Religion has perverted the message of Revelation for almost 2,000 years, but Greg shows how God’s grace cuts through the religious fog and mystery promulgated by misinformed or misdirected teachers.

Revelation: The Sealing of the Saints and the 7th Seal

Monday 9th August 2021

Who are the 144,000, and who are the “great multitude”? What are the woes and the trumpets all about? The book of Revelation — a message from Christ to us of understanding and hope.

Revelation: Chapters 4-6 — The First 6 Seals

Friday 6th August 2021

The Book of Revelation is the capstone on God’s special, written revelation to humanity completing the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Don’t miss today’s program as Greg talks about the first 6 of the 7 seals.

Messages to the Last 4 of the 7 Churches of Revelation

Thursday 5th August 2021

Greg shows the struggle between religion and grace already going on in the early churches addressed in the Book of Revelation. Jesus meant for the book of Revelation to give hope and comfort, not crippling fear.

Messages to the First 3 of the 7 Churches of Revelation

Wednesday 4th August 2021

Greg strips away the religious barnacles from the book of Revelation as he begins our study of the seven churches of Revelation. He shows what the messages meant to the churches who first heard them and the relevance they have for us today.

Revelation and the Rapture Fable

Tuesday 3rd August 2021

Airplanes dive into the ground while cars and trucks crash together in mayhem as their pilots and drivers are “Raptured” to heaven. This scenario is not biblical — relatively few Christians believe it is.

Revelation — A Book For You?

Monday 2nd August 2021

In manipulating their hearers with the book of Revelation’s bizarre images and doomsday scenarios the purveyors of pop prophecy create much fear and misunderstanding.

All Show and No Go

Friday 30th July 2021

Sometimes cars look sleek, fast and powerful, but are gutless wonders — all show and no go. Religion does that — it makes us more concerned with what people see and think about us than with the real substance of authentic Christianity — a one-on-one relationship with God.

Reality TV — How Low Can We Go?

Thursday 29th July 2021

“Survivor” and other recent reality shows descend into titilation and sleaze; into trashy and barbaric behavior.  What does this cultural degeneration have to say about us — about our values?  What do you value?   Don’t miss this comparison of current and traditional values.

Too Good To Be True?

Wednesday 28th July 2021

Mortality has its way — we age, strength ebbs, self assurance fades, we sense how temporary this life is and begin to focus on eternity. God told Paul, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

3 Levels of Christianity

Tuesday 27th July 2021

Are you just barely getting by as a Christian? Do you feel you’re swimming upstream? Greg uses cockroachs, squirrels and eagles as analogies of three levels of Christianity.