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PTM offers an extensive assortment of downloadable booklets and reprinted articles to help with relevant questions and issues about God’s grace, as opposed to religious legalism.

Forgiveness: Experiencing Real Freedom

Grief: Getting Through the Darkness

People of the Book Vol. 1 — Joseph, Sarah,Peter, Ruth

People of the Book Vol. 2 — Nathan, Mary/Martha, Daniel, Esther

People of the Book Vol. 3 — Timothy, Deborah,Gideon,Jezebel

People of the Book Vol. 4 — Hosea, Hannah, Jeremiah, Barnabas

People of the Book Vol. 5 — Elijah, Rahab, Philemon, Rebekah

Building a Stronger Marriage

Should Christians Fight?

I’ll Forgive You If

10 Twisted Scriptures

In Search of God’s Will

Finding a Healthy Christ-Centered Church

Journey to Faith — Vol.1 — “God…Who Needs Him?”

Journey to Faith — Vol. 2 — “Jesus…More Than a Man”

Journey to Faith — Vol. 3 —”Good News”

Journey to Faith — Vol. 4 — “Faith That Makes Sense”

Journey to Faith — Vol. 5 — “The Bible”

Journey to Faith — Vol. 6 — “Prayer”

Journey to Faith — Vol. 7 — “The Body of Christ”

Journey to Faith — Vol. 8 — “Go Into All the World”

He Left His Footprints

Contending for the Faith

From Cult to Christ

The Golden Years—Aging with Grace

King James Bible Controversy

Christianity Without the Religion

Prayer: Direct Connection with God

What Christmas is All About

Losing Your Religion

Christmas… What It Means for You

I Believe

The Parable of Lazarus and the Rich Man— What Does It Mean?

Flaws and Fallacies of Plugging Headlines into the Bible

Grace on Trial

Battle About the Bible

The Gathering Storm of Fundamentalism

He Loves Me—He Loves Me Not

Eternal Torture—Divine or Human Vengeance

Did Jesus’ Crucifixion Satisfy God’s Wrath?

What if God was One of Us?

A Perilous Spiritual Journey

The End Is Here…Again – Part 1

The End Is Here…Again – Part 2

2012 – Is it the End?

Stop Trying to Get Saved

Giving Thanks to the Master

Giving — the Heart of God

Objections to Grace – part 1

Objections to Grace – part 2

The Mother of Us All

Thinking May Be Hazardous to Your Religion

Looking Into Heaven: Who, What, Where and When?

Reformation: 500 Years… & Still Searching

The Bible: What It Is and What It Isn’t