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I Believe
We Believe
Why the Cross Matters


What Is the Bible? Part 1 of 4
Should the Bible be Interpreted? Part 2 of 4
Four Foundational Strategies Part 3 of 4
Five Points to Consider When Studying Scripture Part 4 0f 4
The Bible: What It Is and What It Isn’t
10 Twisted Scriptures
Battle About the Bible
Is the Bible the Word of God?
God Lets His Children Tell the Story
The Bible Clearly Says…
Inspired, Infallible & Inerrant?
How the WORD Read the Word


Christianity Without the Religion
The Last Christians
Soren Kierkegaard: Father of Christianity Without Religion
What’s So Christian About Christianity?
When Did God Become a Christian?


The Golden Years—Aging with Grace
God’s Plan for Your Life?
The Matrix – Distinguishing between Reality and Illusion
Behaving Badly
More Than a Watchmaker
Regret – The Silent Killer
Everything Happens For a Reason


What Christmas is All About
Christmas… What It Means for You
The King Who Became a Man
Good News of Great Joy
When the Time Had Fully Come
Was Christ a Created Being?


Finding a Healthy Christ-Centered Church
The Universal Body of Christ
The Church: it’s the people, not the steeple!
Nones and Dones
Abraham Lincoln – A “None” Before His Time
One Road – Two Ditches


Did Jesus’ Crucifixion Satisfy God’s Wrath?
Who Killed Jesus?
Why Did Jesus Die?
Teaching the Cross to Children


From Cult to Christ
A Perilous Spiritual Journey


Ashes to Ashes
When Your Time Comes
The Parable of Lazarus and the Rich Man
What does the Afterlife Look Like for Unbelievers?
What Do You Make of “Soul Sleep”?


Pascha! Empty Grave and Living Lord
The Wounds That Heal


Kissing Evangelism Goodbye


Contending for the Faith
Journey to Faith — Vol.1 — “God…Who Needs Him?”
Journey to Faith — Vol. 2 — “Jesus…More Than a Man”
Journey to Faith — Vol. 3 —”Good News”
Journey to Faith — Vol. 4 — “Faith That Makes Sense”
Journey to Faith — Vol. 5 — “The Bible”
Journey to Faith — Vol. 6 — “Prayer”
Journey to Faith — Vol. 7 — “The Body of Christ”
Journey to Faith — Vol. 8 — “Go Into All the World”


Forgiveness: Experiencing Real Freedom
I’ll Forgive You If
Forgiveness-Who First?
Just How Does “Dying for Our Sins” Work?
Deserve’s Got Nothing to Do With It


The Gathering Storm of Fundamentalism
Moving On


Legacy Giving to CWR/PTM
Giving Thanks to the Master
Giving — the Heart of God


In Search of God’s Will
He Loves Me—He Loves Me Not
What if God was One of Us?
God Is Love, God Is Love
God Is Just Like Jesus
God… More than a Christian?
Why I Still Believe in God


Waiting For God to Act
Did “All People” Receive the Holy Spirit on Pentecost?
God With Us
God Is Love & Love Never Ends
He’s There For You and With You


The Center of the Gospel
The Gospel in Three Words
Ghouls, Ghosts and Gospel!
Fear Not
What Itching Ears Really Want to Hear


Objections to Grace – part 1
Objections to Grace – part 2
Responding to the River of God’s Grace
The Mother of Us All
Grace on Trial
Mothers and the Grace of God


Grief: Getting Through the Darkness


Looking Into Heaven: Who, What, Where and When?
Who’s Going to Heaven?
Do Only Christians Go To Heaven?
Eternal Torture—Divine or Human Vengeance
If God Is Love, Why Would He Allow a Place Like Hell?


The Jesus Way
The Great Descent
He Left His Footprints
The Great Scandal That God Became Man
Jesus, Son of Adam
The Cleansing of the Temple: Does Jesus Sanction Violence?


Whose Image Is On the Coin?
Vive la Revolution
Does God Give Ultimate Authority to Human Leaders?
This World Is My Home and I Am Not Just Passing Through!


How Great Is the Love?
Reckless Love
A Legacy of Love
Inconspicuous Hope


Building a Stronger Marriage
Love and Marriage: 50 Years of Lessons
Marriage Counseling


I Will Give You Rest
The Mother of Us All
A Transformation – Not a Transaction


How Would Jesus Respond to Social and Political Issues?
One Nation Under God?


Prayer: Direct Connection with God
What is Prayer All About?
When Words Fail


Flaws and Fallacies of Plugging Headlines into the Bible
What Do You make of Preterism?
The End Is Here – Part 1
The End Is Here – Part 2
Is It The End?


Losing Your Religion
Thinking May Be Hazardous to Your Religion
A Perilous Spiritual Journey
Conforming and Performing
The Dogs of Legalism


Lazarus’ Story is the World’s Story


Can God Be Too Good?
A Covenant Not a Contract
Have I Truly Accepted Christ?
Are You Saved?
Salvation-How Many are Saved-Who, Where, When and Why
Out For Blood?
Stop Trying to Get Saved
The Verdict Is In
Dare to Hope
7 Myths About Christian Universalism
32 Scriptures that Dare Us to Hope
Wishful Thinking? Or Blessed Hope?
If You Want to see Folk Damned
10 Affirmations on Divine Judgment – An Inclusivist Perspective


Missing What Mark?
The One Who Sins is the One Who will Die?
I Was Tempted and I Caved in to Sin
Golgotha-Collision of Sin and Grace


When Towers Fall
Being Cross-shaped in a World Bent Out of Shape


The New Math of the Gospel of John
Does the Trinity Really Matter?
The Trinity as a Weapon
The Trinity: A Beginner’s Guide


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