Join us in prayer for others

The prayer requests below are only a small representative sample of the thousands we receive. We hope that, as you pray for these people, you will also remember in your prayers the many requests we could not share with you.

Please join us in bringing these prayer concerns to God:

Please pray for me; I have cancer and my white blood count is going up. —Ohio

Please pray for me—I have blood problems.  I’m now home taking medications, but I spent 4 days in the hospital. —Saskatchewan, Canada

Please pray for my mind and heart; I was scammed on my credit cards. —California

Please pray for my husband who is still in the hospital (after four months) with a stroke from his brain operation. He’s on a feeding tube now. —Oregon

Please pray for my healing because my hips and knee are failing me. Please also pray that I have a better income since I am in great debt. —Florida

Please pray for my anxiety attacks and my heart A-fib condition. —Illinois

Please pray for my sister who has polychondritis and has been dismissed by doctors for almost two years. —Michigan

Please pray for my granddaughter who has left her family and is becoming an alcoholic. —Indiana

Please pray for me that God’s wisdom will be given to me to choose the right eye doctor because of my failing vision. —Florida

Please pray for three gentlemen in our facility who are fighting cancer. —Pennsylvania

Please pray that my daughter & grand-daughter will find a good place to live soon. They have both been living with me but now the place we live in is for sale. —Tennessee

Please pray that God will heal me or help me to endure my health problems. I have congestive heart failure, kidney and lung problems. —Texas

Please pray for my cousin who has suffered a heart attack and has to have stents put in his arteries. —Kansas

Please pray for my son to win his battle with alcohol and for my grandson’s depression. —Arkansas

I love everything CWR/PTM has sent me. I have been with you for a long time.  It’s my life. Please pray for me for I am 86 years old. —Saskatchewan, Canada

I’m asking for your prayers for our extended family as several have suffered the loss of loved ones. —Missouri

I’m having pain & discomfort in my right knee.  Please pray for me. —Connecticut

Please pray for a friend who has bone marrow cancer. Please pray for treatments to be effective and for her complete healing through God’s power. —Maryland

I need prayers for my fluctuating physical health pertaining to my diabetes. —Arizona

Please pray for me and my family. My husband just recently passed away but unfortunately, he left me with a lot of debt. —South Carolina

Thank you for your continuing prayers for my wife’s continuing remission from cancer.  The recent PET scans have been clear, and I thank God for that every day. —New York

Please pray for me as I struggle with deep anxiety and fear about hell. —United Kingdom

Please pray for my neighbor who has constant back pain even after surgery. —Oregon

Please pray for me. My daughter just died recently. —Indiana

I have cirrhosis of the liver. Also, my esophageal vein burst and I had to be given five pints of blood. However, recent scans of the esophagus show no more problems.  I’m thankful for your prayers and God’s intervention.—Georgia

Please pray for me and my family, as we are having financial difficulties.—North Carolina

Please pray for my cousin.  She just found out that she has stage four lung cancer. —Louisiana

Please pray for me; I have multiple health problems including a chronic cough. I also have many financial problems. —Texas

Please pray for me and my family that we can escape from this evil and insecure neighborhood.  Also pray that I can pay off my heavy debt. —New York

Please pray for me and my wife. We both suffer from anxiety, depression and many health issues. —Tennessee

Please pray for my neighbor who has Parkinson’s disease. —Maine

Please pray for my wife who will soon be having neck surgery. —Oklahoma

Please pray for my wife who has been enduring a painful neuroma in her foot. She also suffers from cluster headaches. —Florida

Please pray for my son who was defrauded by a car insurance company for injuries.  He will have a court decision soon. —Florida

Please pray for my brother and sister-in-law who are having heart problems. —Indiana

My wife just died of heart failure. As I start a new chapter in my life, please pray that God will give me the strength and faith to continue in His way. —Arizona

Please pray for the healing of my son who had a back operation, so he can go back to work to support his family. —Puerto Rico

Please pray for my nephew who has had two surgeries for brain cancer. —Indiana

Please pray for the healing of the swelling and pain in my right foot due to the effects of a stroke I had several years ago. —Maryland

I’m still in need of a permanent home; I am staying at a YMCA. At age 62 I still work, but I hope to retire soon. —New York

Please pray for my son-in-law who has cancer. —West Virginia

Please ask God in the name of Jesus Christ that He will heal my brother who was diagnosed with cancer of the prostrate which has now spread to his bones. —Maine

Thanks for your prayers for my pastor’s wife who had successful cancer surgery. She requires no more treatments and is now cancer-free. —Pennsylvania

Please pray for a painful sore on my body that needs healing, also my neck pain. —South Carolina

I have arthritis on the ankle of my left foot as well as other issues.  I fell four times, so my ankle and nerves got damaged. – Mississippi

Please pray for everyone who is struggling with anxiety and depression, that they may find out with the help of the Holy Spirit what they can do to help themselves and to accept help from others. —Tennessee

My restored eyesight is a huge blessing. I just read and read and read! I love it.  I love all of you and continue to know that I’m involved in the most important work on earth, CWR/PTM! —California

Please pray for me and my family. I’m always praying for the ongoing work of CWR/PTM.  May God bless all of you daily. —Virginia

Thank you so much for all your much-appreciated work.  I’m always encouraged by you in these times of frustration and sorrow. —Washington

Please pray for the cure of the ocular migraines that I’m having more frequently. —New York

Please pray for my brother, who is having trouble with being disoriented and also has memory problems. —Ohio

Continue to pray for God’s intervention for my sister who is losing her eyesight. —Mississippi

I’m under incredible stress—hit on all sides by work demands and family sickness and a drunken neighbor who won’t leave me alone. —Wisconsin

Please pray for my husband as he had brain surgery and has been in the hospital now for two months. He needs healing so he can come home. —Oregon

I am going through probate to inherit my family’s occupied four-plex. I also have a problem tenant whom I need to remove. Please pray for wisdom and the money to complete this process. — California

Please pray for my sister, who is 84, blind and living mostly alone. She is discouraged with her life. —Colorado

Please pray for me as I just have been diagnosed with prostate cancer. —New York

Please pray for my mother who has diabetes complications. —Arizona

Thank you for everything you do.  I pray that God will continue to bless PTM. —Saskatchewan, Canada

I need prayers for myself because I beginning to experience dementia and am sometimes forgetful to take my medications. —Arizona

Please pray for my granddaughter, who is autistic, to be healed. —Alabama

Please pray for my son who will be going to the doctor to find out if he has a stomach ulcer. —Arkansas

Our prayers are with all of you at CWR/PTM. Thank you so much for all the reading material you send. God bless all the hard work you do and to reach so many people. —Louisiana

Please continue to pray for my wife’s remission from lung cancer. God has continued to show mercy and grace in her life. Thank you for all your past prayers. —New York

I started having serious back problems when I was age 29.  I now have stage three kidney disease. Both knees are bone-on-bone which is very painful. Both shoulders are also very painful even with pain meds. In a few months I will be 79 and I deeply appreciate your prayers. —Georgia

Please pray for my many health concerns, which are making me weary and feel very run down. —California

My husband is back in ICU because he had a stroke. Please keep him in your prayers. —Oregon

Please pray for my great-niece.  She just lost her 6-month-old son who had heart problems. —Ohio

Please pray for my upcoming knee replacement surgery and for my grandchildren who still are addicted to drugs. —Kentucky

I need prayers for direction in my life since my wife passed away. —Saskatchewan, Canada

Please pray for my nephew who has been in jail for a year waiting on the court for his trial. —Arkansas

Please pray for my wife who is suffering from an infection of her bladder. —Georgia

Please pray for my husband who is 93 and is blind and deaf without his hearing aids and for me as I am his care giver. —Louisiana

I’m having problems with seizures. I recently had a bad one and wrecked my car. Thank God I didn’t hit anyone. I still have back aches from the accident. Please pray for me. —Louisiana

Please pray a friend of mine who is suffering from complications from a tick bite which carried Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. —Virginia

Please pray for my friend who had eye surgery. He had cataract surgery complications with the back of his eyeball and retina.  Pray he doesn’t go blind in that eye. —Alabama

Pray that I’ll always set the right example of the love of Jesus to everyone I come in contact with. —West Virginia

Please pray for my sister-in-law who had hip bone surgery and is not doing well. She is 80 years old with an enlarged heart, high blood pressure and diabetes. —Louisiana

Dear God: We come to you with many requests and needs. You know each of these people, and we pray that you would provide an answer for each request in your great wisdom. We thank you for your infinite love, and we ask these things in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

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