Join us in prayer for others

The prayer requests below are only a small representative sample of the thousands we receive. We hope that, as you pray for these people, you will also remember in your prayers the many requests we could not share with you.

Please join us in bringing these prayer concerns to God:

Please ask God to heal my cataracts and glaucoma in both eyes.—New York

Please pray for the healing of my lower back. My left leg around the shin area is numb. —Wisconsin

Please pray for me as I’m on dialysis three times a week. It is very stressful and sometimes painful.—Tennessee

Please pray for me as I face a lonely life since my eyes are failing and my husband died.—Saskatchewan, Canada

Pray for a friend who is a single mother to find a good job so she can support herself and her teenage son.—Maryland

Pray for my daughter who is recovering from substance abuse and my grandchildren who are still using drugs.—Kentucky

Prayers are needed for my neighbors who experienced a tornado. Thankfully no one was killed, but unfortunately some suffered damage to their homes and cars.—Texas

I fell and chipped a small bone in my ankle. Please pray for my healing.—Minnesota

Please pray for my right eye which requires corrective surgery.—Louisiana

Please pray that my aches diminish and that my family will be in good health.—Arizona

Please pray that God will intervene so that I don’t go completely blind. My eyesight has really diminished.—Nevada

Please pray about my self-employment as an accountant and tax professional.—Louisiana

Please pray for my niece’s husband who was diagnosed with cancer.—Ohio

Please pray for my wife who has problems with her heart and her lungs.—Kentucky

Please pray for my wife, as she has terminal cancer.—Minnesota

Please pray for my grandson. Cancer has reoccurred and he starts three rounds of chemo within a few days.—Tennessee

My husband is suffering from complications from brain tumors. I have heart disease and infections. Please pray for us.—Texas

Please pray for my daughter who is in constant pain from fibromyalgia and migraine headaches.—Arizona

Please pray for my wife that her cancer continues to decline. Thank God, she has been improving daily.—New York

I need prayers as I’m suffering from acute depression and PTSD. This is a very difficult time in my life.—Tennessee

Please pray that I can find a part-time job and for my sister-in-law, who has health problems.—Texas

PTM is always there for me. During my grief for my father’s passing you reached out. You are an answer to prayer and I pray for blessings on this work.—Rhode Island

Please pray for my health issues—muscular pain in my left shoulder and pain from a kidney stone.—Arizona

I will be having heart surgery soon. Your prayers are much appreciated.—Nevada

Please pray for a good friend who just lost his wife after a battle with Alzheimer’s disease.—Texas

Please pray that my back, hip and leg pain be healed and also pray for my husband who is a diabetic.—Massachusetts

Please pray that my wife’s knee surgery goes well and that she has a quick and complete recovery.—Florida

Please pray for me to be able to find a good apartment soon where the rent is based on my income.—Georgia

Pray for healing of my right eye which requires surgery, and my right hip which requires a third hip replacement.—Louisiana

Please pray for a dear friend as she recently had a stroke at a young age.—Tennessee

My husband is the last stages of pancreatic cancer. Please pray for his comfort and peace.—Ohio

My husband was recently in an accident and may lose his driver’s license.—North Carolina

I pray God will deliver more people from the swamps of religion. Thanks for all your efforts in this regard.—Alabama

Our son has drug and alcohol problems—please keep him in your prayers.—Indiana

Please pray for my brother’s upcoming colon procedure and the healing of two close friends with cancer.—Louisiana

Pray about the painful numbness and tingling in my hands and fingers.—Minnesota

My daughter needs colon surgery (pre-cancerous). She has already had one surgery and it was very painful.—Ohio

My knees and legs give out on me walking a short distance. Pray that I’ll have strength like I used to.—Mississippi

My grandson is in the hospital undergoing chemotherapy. Please pray for his healing.—Tennessee

Please pray for my 86-year-old sister. She is in a nursing home, unable to walk.—Georgia

Please pray for my sister’s son, 56 years old, who has cancer throughout his body.—Kentucky

Pray for my husband—he is anemic, weak and also has severe back pain.—Alabama

Please pray for my young daughter who has shortness of breath and discomfort from lack of oxygen.—New York

I will be soon having heart surgery. Your prayers are much appreciated.—Nevada

Pray that God will help my son get through his many health issues.—Indiana

Pray for my granddaughter as she is undergoing tests to see why she has suddenly become sick.—Arizona

I’ve had Parkinson’s disease for years, which causes me to fall. Please pray that I don’t get seriously hurt.—Virginia

Pray for my son who has a mental disorder and is seeking vocational rehabilitation.—Kentucky

I’m doing better but my blood pressure isn’t stable yet. Please pray.—Georgia

My 59-year-old son just suffered his second stroke. He lives alone and has no one to care for him.—Kentucky

My dad died recently and I feel lost. I was really close to him. Please pray.—Texas


Dear God: We come to you with many requests and needs. You know each of these people, and we pray that you would provide an answer for each request in your great wisdom. We thank you for your infinite love, and we ask these things in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.