Audio Ministry Instructions

Instructions for Daily Audio Programs from CWR and PT Radio

Join a growing family of listeners and discover how CWR/PTM Podcasts can brighten and refresh your day – every day of the week if you wish!

The following instructions will help you decide which format is most convenient for you.

We offer three ways to listen to our programs.
Choose which way suits your listening preference.

Option 1: On your computer, visit our website at

At the top of the page, hover your cursor over Audio/Video.

Click on the top option: CWR Teaching Ministry

On the CWR Teaching Ministry page, you can click on any of these options:

Plain Truth Radio – Monday through Friday.
Programs produced to play on radio stations.

Christianity Without the Religion – Sunday.
Sermons, complete with music, prayers and communion.

Greg Albrecht Unplugged – Saturday.
An impromptu, off-the-cuff discussion of relevant and timely topics.

Option 2: Download our “CWR/PTM” App to your phone, iPad or tablet:

Upon what mobile device would you like to listen to our programs, sermons and discussions?

For an iPhone or iPad, download the App from the iTunes App Store.

For android phones and tablets download from Google Play.

Or you can dowload from the Amazon Appstore.

Option 3: Christianity Without the Religion – Plain Truth Radio Podcast.

Our daily Podcast is available on five different platforms.

Click on an orange link below to sign up:

Apple / iTunes
Amazon / TuneIn
Google Podcasts
Spotify Podcasts
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