A Taste of Grace

Here’s what readers are saying about A Taste of Grace

  • As a fellow nomad who, before the grace of God, wandered in the desert of legalism, I marvel at the “grace perspective” you provide in your book A Taste of Grace. With no exaggeration intended, reading your book was like scales falling away from my eyes – now I see! I will never view the parables and teachings of Jesus – at least the ones you explained – in the same way again! – Tennessee
  • A Taste of Grace was in my mailbox this morning, and I have just finished reading it this afternoon. As a recovering legalist, I need to hear more and more about grace, because I still have a tendency to revert to legalism. – Minnesota
  • A Taste of Grace is more than a taste – it is a banquet, a full-blown feast – and a wonderful one at that for this sometimes tired and cynical old preacher. God has used you to invigorate my relationship with him! – Kentucky
  • Thank you so much for your new book A Taste of Grace. I have almost read it through, and it is so inspiring and helpful. – Alabama
  • Thanks for your latest book, A Taste of Grace. I’ve hardly been able to put it down. I like to read very slowly, digesting every word and phrase. I just love your style of writing! I feel there is an enormous need for your teaching and ministry, proclaiming the true gospel of Jesus Christ to the whole world. – British Columbia, Canada
  • I have just finished the 4th chapter of A Taste of Grace and I was deeply moved by your explanation of the parable of the good Samaritan. Now I can see so clearly that this parable has absolutely nothing to do with works-based religion. Jesus was the one left for dead. He is also the one who out of his love rescued my sorry butt from the ditch of Christ-less religion and will provide all that I will ever need by the grace of God. Thank you for this book! – Ohio

A Taste of Grace  by Greg Albrecht

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