Rejecting Religion…Embracing Grace

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  • “I’m ordering ten more copies to give to my friends.” – Michigan“Greg has put his finger on the real issues – the problem with religion, and with our human reluctance to embrace grace” – Ohio“I love Greg’s focus on Matthew 23, allowing Jesus’ comments about religion to frame the real love of God.” – New York“Christmas is coming, and this will be one of my gifts to many of my friends – Rejecting Religion really is good news!  Thank you.” – Georgia“I have read all of Greg’s books – and if I had to pick the best, this one would be at or near the top.” – Florida“Rejecting Religion… is just one more in a long, ongoing list of resources and gifts of God’s grace provided to me by Greg and PTM.  You have given me incredible peace by shining the light on God’s amazing grace and his boundless love.” – British Columbia, Canada“I couldn’t put Rejecting Religion… down – I took it to Starbucks every morning for a week – and got into some great conversations along the way!” – Texas”I read Rejecting Religion… cover to cover one afternoon – I’m ready to read it again! Greg has taken some highly controversial, much debated and complex issues and made them crystal clear.  No theological mumbo-jumbo – just straight talk.”  – California

Rejecting Religion—Embracing Grace
by Greg Albrecht


Join Greg Albrecht as he examines what Jesus has to say about the kingdom of religion, through an eye-opening study of Jesus’ sermon in Matthew 23. Jesus uses words like woe, hypocrites, blind, greedy, self-indulgent, unclean, desolate, hell and snakes to describe the religious industry, its professionals and the consequences it brings into the lives of those it “serves.” But the kingdom of heaven, in stark contrast to the oppressive kingdom of religion, is a spiritual dimension of freedom and peace. Rejecting Religion—Embracing Grace affirms the ultimate victory of God’s grace—even as the relentless waves of his grace will eventually erode and cover the shifting sands of religion like the waters cover the sea.

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