Uplift-A Pilot’s Journey

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Grant Corriveau  

Endorsements and Comments from Readers

1) Captain Corriveau has written a humorous and entertaining account of his career in aviation. Uplift – A Pilot’s Journey is a delightful, easy read. The self-deprecating humor is reminiscent of Dave Barry. Funny and fast-paced. I found it hard to put down. Corriveau captures the day-to-day aviation adventures in an entertaining and informative manner. Bravo, Captain Corriveau! What a gem of a book.

Cathy Fraser, Captain, B787, Air Canada

2) Imagine a career where you enjoy going to work. And rather then walking into a mundane office in some old building your office takes you to new places in the exciting world of airline travel.  This book “Uplift -A Pilot’s Journey” is a MUST READ. Not only is it entertaining, informational and educational, it describes the life of one person with a goal, a dream, or a burning desire to become an airline pilot.  Grant Corriveau exhibits a natural talent whether he is talking about some of the challenges along his journey or some major turning points in his career. He describes things in such a simple manner it enables you to picture in your mind’s eye the message he is trying to convey without any problem.

Grant’s book makes one thing very clear. Although the journey has its challenges and sacrifices, the rewards far outweigh the disadvantages. If you happen to be one of the fortunate people to have had the opportunity to experience the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) from the front row seat of an aircraft cockpit, the snow covered peaks of the mountains below, or the breathtaking view of the next 250 miles (visible on a cloudless night with full moon), then you might know what I’m talking about. There is nothing more amazing than being able to peer out the window over the nose of the aircraft to view the painting Mother Nature has provided of the scenery below on the canvas of the earth and sky.

If you haven’t guessed it already, I am (like Grant) an airline pilot. But I have to congratulate him for his dedication and perseverance. Writing a book is no easy task. I feel fortunate to have Grant not only as a fellow pilot but as a friend. His accomplishments are an inspiration to current as well as future pilots.

Brian Zetts, Dash 8 Captain, Air Atlantic (retired)

3) Grant has written an entertaining memoir of an aviation career filled with many ups and downs, both at his job and in life. Short anecdotal stories relate various experiences of one airline pilot who has a good sense of humor. It’s a great read. I’m sure you will enjoy it.

Jim Runyon, Air Canada Captain (Retired)

Uplift – A Pilot’s Journey

By Grant Corriveau

Take off with Captain Grant Corriveau in “Uplift – A Pilot’s Journey.” During your flight you will be fascinated by many true stories shared by Grant as he invites you to experience his life-long journey of discoveries.  Captain Grant will reveal, through his story and rise in the ranks in the aviation industry, culminating in the pilot’s seat in the cockpit, that not everything we need in life is learned in classes and training seminars.

Beginning with his earliest childhood fascinations with aircraft and the men and women who fly them, Grant welcomes you into his logbook consisting of 48 years of flying with a 30 year airline career as icing on the cake. You will be uplifted as you share an insider’s view of his passion and experience working for one of the world’s great airlines.

As Corriveau advances through the ranks to senior captain he transparently shares his challenges, adventures and achievements. You will fly with him as he exposes his failures and doubts – his triumphs and close calls. You will share time when Grant’s dream almost ended and sit next to him in the jump seat as he candidly shares a pilot’s life of continuous training and adaptation to new technology and automation.

“Uplift” is everyone’s journey, told through the eyes and experiences of one pilot’s career – one pilot’s journey. Come along for the ride and you will be uplifted.

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