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Join Us For Our Sunday Sermon

"Removing Religion from Christ-Centered Faith" Religion is like barnacles that attach themselves to a boat or ship. The barnacles on the boat of Christ-centered faith are not the boat, they are religious pills and prescriptions – religious ceremonies and creeds, dogmas and doctrines. Join us for our Sunday Sermon: https://www.ptm.org/mp3/FreeDwnld/CWR677.mp3 Link to Christianity Without the Religion - Sunday

Nothing But Jesus

While it probably wasn't a New Year's resolution, the Apostle Paul made a resolution that can inspire and direct us as we prepare for a New Year. https://www.ptm.org/mp3/FreeDwnld/RCWR463.mp3

God With Us and For Us

Join us for a Christmas celebration as we ask and answer exactly what Christmas is and what it is not. https://www.ptm.org/mp3/FreeDwnld/RCWR358.mp3

John’s Christmas Story

The Christmas story in the Gospel of John is the one that is least heard and least told in Christmas sermons, yet it is the mind-expanding big picture of the birth of our Lord. https://www.ptm.org/mp3/FreeDwnld/RCWR357.mp3

Change Don’t Come Easy

The birth of Jesus announces the radical transformation of God's grace, a change that angers and upsets performance based religion.   https://www.ptm.org/mp3/FreeDwnld/RCWR409.mp3

That Baby Was God!

It’s so easy to sugarcoat Christmas, turning it into a fantasy land dream world of decorations and tinsel and holly and gifts and inspiring music. It’s so easy to miss the fundamental, majestic and mysterious truth of the incarnation of God. https://www.ptm.org/mp3/FreeDwnld/RCWR408.mp3

It’s Not All About Mary

God came to our world in a completely unexpected and miraculous way through Mary, an ordinary teenager who was completely different from a woman who would have been considered worthy of such a calling. Jesus is still coming, to completely unexpected, ordinary people, like you and me! https://www.ptm.org/mp3/FreeDwnld/RCWR407.mp3