Christmas Presents, Christmas Presence – Irene Frances

CHRISTMAS IS HERE and once again the festivities of this joyous time have begun.

As I thought about Christmas I was reminded of one of my ‘must have’ presents from 2016. I wanted a book on blogging, something that would not only inspire me but would help me create the most amazing blogs ever. Well, 12 months on and this year, so far, I’ve written about three posts; I’m not much further advanced now with my blog than I was back then. Other priorities took over, in other words—Life got in the way. But then my 2016 present is reusable and will do wonders throughout 2018!

A lot of thought goes into our Christmas presents, what to give the special people in our lives, to those not so special but who nonetheless are important, and to the ‘Secret Santa’ who seems to pop up in the most unlikely of places. But most of us have forgotten what we got last year, where it is now or what we’ve done with it.

The greatest gift I receive every Christmas Day is to be with my son, Darren, his wife Rebekah, and my beautiful granddaughters, Imogen and Bethany, with the additional blessing of being with Rebekah’s extended family. For the past fifteen or more years they have welcomed me into their celebrations; to be with them is precious beyond compare.


That to me is the perfect Christmas present: the presence of Christmas, of being with family and friends, or a special community—a reflection of God’s love, grace and generosity for all people to come to know him and enjoy his peace and presence through the lives of those who care for and about us, as well as in our alone times.

At this time of the year may each one of us receive and experience the most exceptional Christmas Present ever given to humanity—the Christmas presence that is beyond compare:

           Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.   

            Immanuel – God with us!

This article first appeared at  UBP.

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