Citizens of Heaven – by Greg Albrecht

From the time I entered the mysterious world of adolescence, watching the 1960 political conventions on television, politics has always mysteriously attracted me. Politics has been one of my personal fascinations that I liken to that of the death wish of bugs on a hot summer night as they do their death dance, flirting with those electrified bug zappers.
Every time we have a presidential election I find this fatal attraction sucking me into the black hole of partisan rhetoric again. I don’t mean to infer that it’s wrong for a Christian to be politically involved. Some Christians believe that they should not only vote but be politically active. I recognize that perspective and respect those who hold it, but I still have reservations about jumping into bed with the bug zapper.
What does it mean to be a citizen of heaven? 

As you probably know, it’s still difficult to convince some American Christians that it’s okay to vote for anyone or any cause that is not Republican. For many Christians God is a Republican (or do some actually think, I wonder, that the Republican party is God?!).

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