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From Legalism to Love

Is there a heavenly Dow Jones-like report tracking how we're doing? If our spiritual stock is down, is God mad at us? Greg gives two vital keys summarizing what Jesus taught about moving “From Legalism to Love.”

Grace and Truth Come Through Jesus Christ – Greg Albrecht

  Here's a news flash! Religion is confrontational and hostile to anyone that dares to differ with it. Religion is, at best, irrelevant to our relationship with God. Christ-less religion actually leads people away from God! Grace-less religion advances its agenda, which is all about the relationship it offers (or inflicts upon) its followers. The relationship religion offers usually includes a relationship with a building, with real estate, with icons, with treasures (real or imagined) and with rituals and performances and traditions which are themselves reputed to be of heavenly value. In many cases religion promises spiritual rewards based ...

Spiritual Imposters

It’s so easy for Christians to fall into the trap of “look good religion”. Some hype their spiritual resume becoming imposters and frauds. In this third program of our Recovering from Legalism series, Greg talks about “Spiritual Imposters.”

One In Christ

God does not show favoritism. He has no favorites because of his grace -- we cannot do enough stuff to endear ourselves to God so that God will favor us over someone else. We are one in Christ. https://www.ptm.org/mp3/FreeDwnld/RCWR048.mp3

Does God Give Ultimate Authority to Human Leaders?

Question: I have heard people say that they feel the leader of their nation has the God-given right to take military action without having any human question them. This seems to extend ultimate authority to human leaders, in the name of “the Bible says so.” What do you say? CLICK HERE to continue reading

The Great Deception

Centering one's life on law-keeping robs Christians of the fullness God offers, by pulling the wool over their eyes. It does this in three ways you should know about. Greg unveils these deceptions in this second program of our four part series on Legalism.

The Price of Legalism

Are you living a life of spiritual poverty — too much form and too little substance? Is compliance with do’s and don’ts the substance God wants for us? Greg Albrecht answers these important questions in the first program of our "Recovering from Legalism" series.


Just like Humpty Dumpty we've had a great fall -- ours is a spiritual fall. And just like Humpty Dumpty, despite our best efforts, we cannot put ourselves back together again. But there's good news. God has solved the problem.

How God Chooses His Team – Greg Albrecht

Remember those times when you gathered with a group of your friends and schoolmates to participate in a game that involved two teams? My memories are of two captains who were popularly chosen, or who, by virtue of their size, age and ability (or all three) appointed themselves. Then the captains started choosing people for their teams. They always chose those who they felt would help them win—that's logical. Games are all about winning. So when sides were chosen the fastest, strongest, most popular and most athletic were chosen first. As each person was chosen they walked over and stood next to their captain, until finally there was one last ...


In the beginning there was complete peace and harmony between mankind and God, but that intimate relationship with God was broken. Men and women began to hide from God and became hostile to him, but Jesus came and through him, God is reconciling the world to himself. That can include you. https://www.ptm.org/mp3/FreeDwnld/PTR0100.mp3


We're all captives and slaves unless we've been redeemed by God. Have you accepted the freedom that God bought for you? If so, you can be set free.

Jesus Is Our True Compass – Greg Albrecht

Hundreds of ideas, inventions, innovations, explorers and pioneers are considered as “world changers.” Lists of historic world changers vary, depending on who is making the list, but the compass invariably ranks high on most lists of the greatest world changers. As you know, a compass is a device used for navigation and orientation. A compass provides location and directions helping someone who is lost find their way to safety and of course it helps those who are traveling arrive at their intended destination. A simple compass has a magnetized needle that points to “true north” based on the earth’s magnetic polarity. Before the ...