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The Heart and Soul of the Gospel

Ponder the miracle of forgiveness, through the example of an unworthy, un-named woman and her wholehearted devotion to Jesus. Compare how Christ-less religion responded to her with the response of our Lord.

“Be True to Your School”

Join Greg as he considers how human religious affiliations normally respond to Jesus’ gospel of peace. Where does the idea of “being better” than everyone else’s god/religion/church lead us?

Throw-Away People?

If you feel you have ever been treated like a disposable diaper or a used bathroom tissue, you will appreciate the embrace of Jesus — for there is no such thing as “throw-away” people with God.

I Will See You Again

There is no such thing as “good bye” with God. Instead, Jesus promises, “I will see you again.”

Let the Party Begin – Greg Albrecht

  WHEN JESUS WANTED PEOPLE TO  UNDERSTAND GOD'S KINGDOM PRESENCE,  HE USED PARTIES AS A PICTURE     Key Text: The Wedding at Cana (John 2:1-11)   The very idea of any kind of party, any kind of laughter, feasting, light-heartedness and yes, even enjoyment of life itself, is suspect in some religious environments. Our keynote passage does more than just record history, it is inviting you and me to a party, a party that is already in progress! There's important teaching in this passage.    You may have heard one of the take-offs on our passage, which goes something like this: Jesus turned water into wine almost 2,000 years ago, and ever since ...

Spitting Into the Wind

Just how much dirt do you need in your sand box? Greg talks about the primary lesson of the book of Ecclesiastes — experienced by Solomon, exemplified by Alexander the Great, and recorded by Johnny Cash.

Serving in Jesus’ Spiritual Soup Kitchen

We are not the final destination of God’s favor! He lavishes his gifts on us so that we in turn might pass it on. And make no mistake — there is a critical need for his grace!

He Is Coming, But Not Because He Is Mad As Hell!

Many seem to preach about a Jesus who will return to this earth because he just can’t put up with us anymore! The Second Coming is coming, but Jesus’ motivation behind his return might be a “little different” from what you’ve heard.

Prayer – The Steering Wheel or a Spare Tire? Greg Albrecht

Corrie Ten Boom once asked, "Is prayer your steering wheel or your spare tire?" When she compared prayer to a steering wheel, I'm relatively certain that Corrie Ten Boom didn't know anything about a modern GPS system—the navigational system many people have in their cars today. As you probably know, GPS stands for Global Positioning System. It’s a radio navigation system that allows land, sea and airborne users to determine their exact position. It relies on 24 satellites in orbit above the earth—positioned in such a way that four of them will always be above the horizon, anywhere on the earth. A GPS receiver, like the ones many people ...

Remember the Alamo!

What does the Bible have to say about battlefield slogans and war cries? Greg explains a Christ-centered lesson we can glean from Elijah’s confrontation with 850 false prophets on Mount Carmel.