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He Washes Your Feet

Jesus washed his disciples' dirty feet -- the Son of God stooping to do a menial servant's job -- why? He said that it was part of showing the full extent of his love and told us to wash one another's feet. How should we understand that?

The Ultimate Declaration of God’s Grace – Greg Albrecht

Americans are used to hearing the President of the United States make critically important announcements either from the Oval Office, simply speaking to television cameras, or to a combined, televised session of Congress. And, as they begin their term of office, Presidents give an inaugural address, during which many of them attempt to rally the nation behind their clear vision. In 1865, during the final days of the Civil War, addressing a nation tired of bloodshed, Abraham Lincoln, who would be assassinated only 41 days after this address, said, in part: "With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right as God ...

Everything For Nothing

Escape the misery of a life governed by something for something. Join us on Easter, and embrace our risen Lord, and his invitation to receive everything for nothing. He is risen!

The Ultimate Declaration of God’s Grace

Join us for this day of celebration, centered in Jesus, who is our hope, the foundation of our faith and life everlasting.

Hidden With Christ

Join us for this annual victory celebration for the Body of Christ — the day commemorating Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. The wonderful truth of this day is that we are hidden with Christ.

The Significance of the Cross

Passion Week - is a microcosm of Jesus' ministry and of the gospel. This week is the time when Jesus demonstrates his love for us on his cross. Consider the significance of his cross with us!

Who Is This Jesus?

Recalling his experiences in a trip to Israel, Greg retraces the steps of Jesus on the first Palm Sunday. Greg encourages us to think about the religious expectations people had of Jesus then, and now.

Go to Him Outside the Camp – Greg Albrecht

On what we now call Palm Sunday, almost 2,000 years ago Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a humble donkey. He was welcomed by people who had heard him preach—among whom were the poor, the diseased, the disenfranchised and outcasts, all of whom shouted "Hosanna!" to Jesus (Matthew 21:9, 15). Many Christians think "Hosanna" has always been defined as a joyful worship word. It hasn't. Hosanna means "save us now"— it was a cry of desperation, shouted at Jesus by the crowds as he entered Jerusalem. Most who greeted Jesus with "Hosanna" wanted physical relief from their physical problems and afflictions—but, in addition, there may well have ...

Crown Him With Many Crowns

We study the centrality of the cross of Christ, and its significance to our lives. Join us as we are amazed and astonished by the profound love Jesus demonstrated for us, doing for us what we can never do for ourselves.

The Greatest Story

JFK was greeted in Dallas with flag-waving and cheers, but he was shot to death. Jesus triumphantly entered Jerusalem to the waving of palms and shouts of praise, but days later he was crucified and buried.