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CWR video – “Christ: The Lion and the Lamb” – Brad Jersak

CWR video – “Why did Jesus die?” – Brad Jersak

“Freed from ALL my fears” Really? Q & R with Brad Jersak

A reader was struggling through Psalm 34 and sent this insightful cluster of questions: QUESTION I was reading in 1 Peter 3 and Peter quotes a scripture from Psalm 34:12-16. It starts out good but by verses 15-16, David starts to develop a different picture of the Lord than what I'm used to. God is "attentive" to the righteous but His "face is against those who do evil." And the verse even closes with, "…to cut off the memory of them from the earth." If the writer is trying to develop a contrast between the godly and ungodly, I get it. Still, I want to believe that even in the depths of my sin, God is still there. And maybe my heart is ...

Jim Carrey, Jesus and Healing Colors – Brad Jersak

Jim Carrey is one of kind. Well, we all are, right? But so often we see others in monochrome and are blind to the enormous palette of color that makes every one of us living miracles of God's affection. In Carrey's case, the spectrum is broad to the point of shocking, for his zany comic personas are mirrored by tremendous personal tragedy, the humility that comes from suffering and sorrow, and the utter sincerity of an old soul who loves life and knows grace. Hard to believe, perhaps, but the nut that gave us Ace Ventura on screen also gives himself to others as a co-suffering patron and benefactor. Alongside his skill as a Golden Globe-winning actor ...

CWR video – Angry, Retributive Images of God

God’s Mercies are Immeasurable – Brad Jersak

Prayer: O Lord our God, your might is beyond compare, your glory is beyond comprehension, your mercy is immeasurable and your love for humankind is inexpressible. According to your compassion, O Master, look down on us and bestow on us your rich mercies and compassions. For to you are due all glory, honor and worship—to Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, now and ever, and to ages of ages. Amen. _________ It’s true: the mercies of God are immeasurable; the love of God is inexpressible. In Ephesians 3, the apostle Paul would say that the love of God is so expansive and inclusive, beyond what we ask or imagine, so that it cannot be grasped ...

Moving On: Faith after Evangelicalism

I’m so over him! she sobbed, I’m moving on! confirming that she hadn’t even begun the process of “moving on.” Theirs had been love at first sight—butterflies of infatuation assured her that she had found “Mister Right”—or, “the One” as she liked to call him. How had it come to this? Not worth recounting, though she rehearsed the melt-down every sleepless night. If she was truly “so over him,” why couldn’t she let go and just move on? Instead, she alternated between depression and panic, fits of rage and fountains of tears. “Over him?” Not as long as her identity was tied ...

CWR Magazine – August 2017 Issue: “Moving On”

Contents: Moving On: Faith after Evangelicalism - Brad Jersak - pg. 1 Vive la Revolution! - Brian Zahnd - pg. 7 Do Only Christians Go to Heaven? - Zack Hunt - pg. 8 On Wisdom Amidst the Crowd - Danielle Shroyer - pg. 11 Teaching the Cross to Children - Brad Jersak - pg. 12 Trinitarian Revolution - Richard Rohr - pg. 14 "Is the Bible 'the Word of God'?" - Greg Albrecht - pg. 15

August 2017

Contents: Moving On - pg. 1 Vive la Revolution! - pg. 7 Do Only Christians Go to Heaven? - pg. 8 On Wisdom Amidst the Crowd - pg. 11 Teaching the Cross to Children - pg. 12 Trinitarian Revolution - pg. 14 "Is the Bible 'the Word of God'?" - pg. 15

George Costanza, NT Wright and Angry God (Romans 8:3-4) by Brad Jersak

If we refrain from imposing Calvinist atonement theory back onto the text, what else might Paul mean by "God condemned sin in the flesh"?