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Breakfast with Brad – Moving On (3/12) – Reading Scripture

Summary: Beyond crass literalism Reading literally = compiling the best text possible (what Jesus read) and paying attention to the authors' intentions in the context of the genres they chose. Reading morally = not just the moral of the story or extracting laws to obey, but how the text nurtures us as growing Christ-followers. Reading spiritually = not merely 'spiritualizing' the text, but being attentive to how it points to Christ and the gospel. 

Fall 2015

Articles: Responding to the River of God's Grace -p4 Reading the Bible as an Epic Story -p8 Everything Happens for a  Reason...Or? -p9 Giving Thanks to the Master -p11 Millennials and Money -p14 Don't Water it Down -p16 "Are you saved?" -p17 Jesus IS What God Has to Say -p19 Inspiried, Infallible & Inerrant? -p20 Does Recovering from Religion Have to be Morose p25 Are Bible Verses the Worst Thing Ever? -p26 Disarming Scripture -p28 Defending the Bible? -p31