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“But Even If He Does Not…”

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego -- it’s a revered story we all know — but what is the real moral of this story we read in the book of Daniel?

The Enemy of Faith

Jesus does not promise to keep us from the storms of life, but he will endure them with us and never forsake us. We have an enemy during the storms of our lives that can be conquered through Jesus.

He Can’t Stop Loving You!

Days before his own brutal death on the cross and subsequent resurrection, Jesus stood before a tomb and demanded that death release Lazarus. Lazarus came forth -- just as we all can -- because of the limitless love of God.

The Man in the Middle

Greg’s sermon focuses on Jesus as our man in the middle, in the middle of our lives and trials, reconciling us to God.

God Is Faithful

Given enough time, human beings will eventually let you down. But God can always be relied upon. God always comes through.

Child-like Belief

Spiritual re-birth from God renders us child-like again. What can we learn about faith from the trusting, open attitude of a child?

Building God’s House

The body of Christ is bigger than any human enterprise can encompass or represent. God is building our eternal home.

Generosity and Resentment

Can we be generous and resentful at the same time?

God’s Love For You

Contrary to popular opinion, God is not waiting for you to make a mistake so he can punish you.

Free Forgiveness

Because of God’s free forgiveness, citizens of God’s kingdom have no outstanding spiritual debts.