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Heaven Is a Living Sacrifice

There are two dimensions of the kingdom of heaven–and the present dimension is right now! Heaven can’t wait!   https://www.ptm.org/mp3/FreeDwnld/RCWR343.mp3

Jesus Cleans Up Toxic Relgious Trash

Our society knows that physical garbage is toxic, but is often blissfully unaware of the negative spiritual impact of religious trash spewed into our culture. The good news is that Jesus picks up that trash, and disposes of it!   https://www.ptm.org/mp3/FreeDwnld/RCWR310.mp3

We Don’t Need No Stinking Religion

As we continue our study in Philippians we learn that when all is said and done, what matters most in our lives is Jesus. Religious customs, ceremonies, traditions and religious trappings don't even come close to the "surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord" (Phil. 3:8).   https://www.ptm.org/mp3/FreeDwnld/RCWR309.mp3

Don’t Let Religion Suck All the Joy Out of Life

There are many messages from a variety of places which tell us that we aren't good enough or doing enough or trying hard enough. In this first of a three-part series based on the book of Philippians we are warned of one of the dangers of religion - it can suck all the joy out of life!   https://www.ptm.org/mp3/FreeDwnld/RCWR308.mp3

The Son of a Preacher Man

What does Jesus mean when he says we will gain our life by losing it (Matthew 16:24-28)? This week we travel back in time to the 1960's, re-living the courageous example of Martin Luther King, Jr. and reflecting on the historically accurate, yet fictional character of Atticus Finch as depicted in To Kill a Mockingbird.   https://www.ptm.org/mp3/FreeDwnld/RCWR101.mp3

An Extreme Makeover For You!

“Extreme Makeover” T.V. programs are popular because making a new start is always an intriguing proposition. Hebrews 13:20-21 reveals biblical terms that describe our spiritual makeover.   https://www.ptm.org/mp3/FreeDwnld/RCWR342.mp3

I Want To See

Jesus clearly stated that healing the blind, both spiritually and physically, was central to his mission. Yet, Jesus’ followers rebuked a blind man who wanted to ask Jesus to give him his sight!   https://www.ptm.org/mp3/FreeDwnld/RCWR338.mp3

Christ-Centered Contentment

Our contentment in Christ, does not come from affluence, achievements or acquisitions. Join Greg and study the secret of Christ-centered contentment.   https://www.ptm.org/mp3/FreeDwnld/RCWR337.mp3

God’s Great Love In Christ

God's favor - the Bible calls it grace - is not compensation for our good deeds. We are made alive in Christ by his amazing grace, by his great love, not by our works, but for his works!   https://www.ptm.org/mp3/FreeDwnld/RCWR336.mp3

Overcoming Bitterness and Resentment

Unresolved bitterness, whether toward another human being, dead or alive, or toward ourselves, can cause us to live in dark places of depression and anxiety. Join Greg in discussing how bitterness and resentment can be overcome.   https://www.ptm.org/mp3/FreeDwnld/RCWR335.mp3

You Are Welcome!

Many who have been "vangelized" by evangelical Christians remember their experiences as being filled with judgment and condemnation. Since all are welcomed by Jesus, who took the "welcome mat" off the front porch?   https://www.ptm.org/mp3/FreeDwnld/RCWR334.mp3    

Faith In Another Dimension

Do you have "enough" faith? How can you acquire "more" faith? "How much" faith will it take before God is happy with you?