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Building God’s House

The body of Christ is bigger than any human enterprise can encompass or represent. God is building our eternal home.

Generosity and Resentment

Can we be generous and resentful at the same time?

God’s Love For You

Contrary to popular opinion, God is not waiting for you to make a mistake so he can punish you.

Free Forgiveness

Because of God’s free forgiveness, citizens of God’s kingdom have no outstanding spiritual debts.

Losing Your Religion — Embracing Grace

Religion is all about what you think you have done for God. Grace is all about what God has done for you. God’s grace will cause you to lose your religion.

Do You Really Want What You Deserve?

The good news is that because of God’s grace we do not get what we deserve.

The End of Religion

Jesus came to put an end to the oppressive demands of religion. Jesus didn’t and doesn’t care about all of the futile religious attempts to "get right with God" because in him God made it right.

Be Content – Trust In God

Jesus tells us that the faith he imparts to us will help us overcome any and all obstacles we may encounter. Pastor Greg talks about some of the obstacles we can overcome with the faith God gives us, by his grace.

Making All Things New

The focus of today’s sermon is that Christian life is always something new. Authentic Christianity often differs widely from the status quo of our culture. Authentic Christianity is also the precise opposite of religious traditions, prompting many in Christendom to protest, in a vain attempt to safeguard their traditions saying, "but, we’ve never done it that way before."

The True Riches

In today’s message, Pastor Greg shows how Isaiah is using money to draw attention to God’s amazing riches for us. Isaiah's message encourages us to buy into the heavenly economy of God's amazing grace.

You Belong To God

Many ask some form of the question, “Am I getting all I want, all I need, out of life?” Pastor Greg discusses that question in the light of Paul’s admonition that we “present our bodies as living sacrifices.”

K.I.S. Prayer

Pastor Greg talks about keeping prayer simple, sincere and heartfelt, and he discusses the relationship between life’s rough spots and prayer.