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Knowing God – In Spirit and in Truth

Jesus is not impressed with religions deeds and accomplishments, neither is he repelled by immorality and the failure of sinners. Greg discusses Jesus' ministry to the Samaritan woman he meets at the well.

Greater Things

In one of the most startling promises he ever gave (John 14:12) Jesus told us that we will do even greater things than he did. What did he mean? What can be greater than opening the eyes of the blind or raising the dead?

Grace Without Reservation(s)

Grace is the narrow road that leads to eternal life — it’s not crowded, it’s the road often not taken. Grace involves accepting God without any reservation(s). By contrast, the eight-lane religious freeway is bumper to bumper with people attempting to have a relationship with God on their own terms — it’s paved with good intentions, but it’s the highway to hell.

Scandalous Grace

Join us for the first sermon of a two part series on grace. We examine the story of Esau and Jacob and what it teaches us about God’s scandalous grace.

Let the Party Begin!

The very idea of any kind of party, laughter, and enjoyment of life itself is suspect in some religious environments. However, the authentic body of Christ sings, dances and loves. It’s a Jesus kind of church! The Bible reveals God as the lavish giver, the life of the party and the Lord of the Dance.

Love Without Limits

As humans we are plagued by shortages and limitations. God, however, is without limitation; his love will never be subject to some kind of “heavenly warming” effect that could threaten to diminish his “reservoir” of love. God will never run out of love, neither will he ever take it back once he gives it.

God Really Likes You!

Our keynote passage (Rev. 21:1-4) provides a snapshot of the picture presented to us throughout this fascinating book. Revelation contrasts religion and authentic Christianity, depicting our relationship with God on the basis of his love, rather than on religious performance.

The Master’s Voice

As the sheep of the Lord’s pasture he enables us to come to know his voice (John 10:4). How can we attentively listen for the voice of the Master?

Living in the Lord’s House

God invites us all to “come on over.” His house is our house, his doors are wide open. Discover what it means when Psalm 23 tells us that we “will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.”

Religion Gets Up God’s Nose

Join Greg as he rehearses Jeremiah’s sermon (Jeremiah 7:1-11) given as people were going “to” temple (church). God told Jeremiah to tell those who were merely fulfilling their religious obligation to be inside the four walls of a “holy place” that they were having a religious experience but missing the meaning.