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The Temple David Could Not Build

The life of King David helps us to understand that God does not expect us to build spiritual edifices for him, that’s what he does for us!

Is It Time to “Hunker Down”?

Some believe and preach that the end is here… again! Is this the time of the end? Is it time for us to “hunker down”?

God’s Grace — When Trouble Comes

The dynamic life of grace Jesus lives within us, flows out of us as we walk with him through the good and bad times. In troubled times, God’s grace will “watch over your coming and your going” (Psalm 121).

Real Christianity

Ask ten people in the parking lot of your supermarket or shopping mall to describe a real Christian, and you’ll probably get ten different answers! Join Greg in further exploring real Christianity.

Desperation Meets Grace

Through the story of Ruth we can learn that our misery meets God’s mercy at the foot of the cross of Christ. God takes our disgrace and transforms it into his grace.

Going to the Dogs

Join Greg as he studies a desperate Canaanite woman whom Jesus calls a “dog.” Isn’t Jesus loving, compassionate, merciful and gentle? Wasn’t it completely out of character for him to call this woman who fell at his feet a “dog”?

Let Us Make God in Our Own Image

In our consumer-driven world, religion attempts to meet "felt-needs" - scrambling to give people the health and wealth they want, while Jesus calls us to suffering - to come and follow him. Are we attempting to remake God in our image or yielding to him so that he might transform us into his?

Being In Christ

The friendship Jesus offers us is not the same as being a member of a religious club. Martin Luther once said, “Where Christ is there he goes against the flow.” Buildings, budgets and baptisms can diminish and devalue the personal relationship God in Christ offers.

To Be or Not To Be?

Just as athletic coaches remind their players that there is no “I” in team Christians realize that there is no “I” in the body of Christ. The body of Christ is truly one for all and all for one — that’s what it means to be in Christ.

The Battle About the Bible

For centuries just what exactly the Bible is and what it isn’t has caused splits and divisions within Christianity. Join Greg as he weighs in, based on Jesus’ teaching in John 5:39-40, on the significance of the Bible in your life.

A Time of Soul Searching

Holocaust Remembrance Day is more than a day, and more than the story of the Jewish Holocaust - it's about the brutal oppression of people, throughout history - more often than not, atrocities and abuse carried out in the name of religion.

Before You Decide You Know-it-All

We can all find ourselves thinking that we know more, spiritually, than almost anyone — and that we are spiritually superior to others, because of the “truth” we have that others don’t. Join Greg for some humble pie!