Spitting Into the Wind – Greg Albrecht

Call me the “Quester.” I’ve been king over Israel in Jerusalem. I looked most carefully into everything, searched out all that is done on this earth. And let me tell you, there’s not much to write home about. God hasn’t made it easy for us. I’ve seen it all and it’s nothing but smoke— smoke, and spitting into the wind.
Life’s a corkscrew that can’t be straightened, a minus that won’t add up. I said to myself, “I know more and I’m wiser than anyone before me in Jerusalem. I’ve stockpiled wisdom and knowledge.” What I’ve finally concluded is that so-called wisdom and knowledge are mindless and witless—nothing but spitting into the wind. Much learning earns you much trouble. The more you know, the more you hurt.
—Ecclesiastes 1:12-18, “The Message: The Bible in Contemporary Language”

One of the first and most basic keys to understanding the Bible is one we learn when we start reading any literature at all. For example, let’s take the daily newspaper. There are many constituent parts of a newspaper, aren’t there? A daily newspaper (either the “old time” print version or the new-fangled electronic version) usually includes:

1) The front page. That’s where, if the newspaper is a big-city newspaper, world and international news is found. Allowing for the bias and slant of a particular newspaper (and they all have a bias) this news is “just the facts” news. If the newspaper is smaller, the news found here will be local, but it will still be so-called “hard” news.

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