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Christ-Centered Contentment

Our contentment in Christ, does not come from affluence, achievements or acquisitions. Join Greg and study the secret of Christ-centered contentment.   https://www.ptm.org/mp3/FreeDwnld/RCWR337.mp3

Contentment – by Greg Albrecht

Friend and Partner Letter from October 2022 If you are like me, you have had the experience of seeing an old friend your own age, whom you have not seen in “forever,” and thinking how old they have become since you last saw them!Meanwhile, we fail to remember we have been seeing our own aging reflection in the bathroom mirror every day. No one likes to get older. Surgical procedures, injections, creams, lotions and diets are sold, promising to restore what has long since gone down the river of life. Sam went to a new dentist, and as he was in the waiting-room he saw a diploma on the wall —it seemed his new dentist had attended the ...