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June 2019

CLICK HERE to read now (PDF Format) Brad Jersak: Only God Is Good– pg. 1 Steve Brown: Don't Miss Out on Your Real Father– pg. 6 Felicia Murrell: Magic Genie or Heavenly Father? – pg. 8 Stephen Crosby: Praying Into the Abyss of Despair – pg. 9 Brian Zahnd: God's Love in Granite – pg. 11 Greg Albrecht: Can I Do This Faith Journey... -pg. 14 CLICK on MAGAZINE COVER BELOW for Flipping Page Format

Love and Suffering – Part 1

We celebrate Mother's Day by considering the contrast Paul provides between Hagar, the slave woman, and Sarah, the free woman. We study human love and suffering from a Christ-centered perspective.

May 2019

CLICK HERE to read now (PDF Format) Articles: Religion: Where Is the Love? – pg. 1 Not That Kind of Christian – pg. 2 The Power of God's Love – pg. 5 Happy 100th Birthday – pg. 6 Crowned with Tender Mercies – pg. 7 Quotes & Connections – pg. 8 CLICK on MAGAZINE COVER BELOW for Flipping Page Format

Who Is This Jesus?

Recalling his experiences in a trip to Israel, Greg retraces the steps of Jesus on the first Palm Sunday. Greg encourages us to think about the religious expectations people had of Jesus then, and now.

How Far Will God Go?

God doesn't encourage us to take advantage of his "good graces" - but out of his love he allows humans to do just that, if they so choose.

Disaster Cannot Destroy Hope – Part 2

Jeremiah has been called the weeping prophet as well as the prophet of consolation. Out of the tragedy and sorrow God used Jeremiah to convey faith and hope.

Disaster Cannot Destroy Hope – Part 1

The life and times of Jeremiah were intricately interwoven into the mission God gave him. Though destruction, devastation and despair permeated his life Jeremiah's world is filled with hope.

Some Time Later

Elijah encountered times when the water ran dry, then some time later the food ran out, and then some time later death visited the home he was living in. As long as we live in our bodies of flesh, it's just one problem after another - but the good news is that God offers us new life!

The Greatest Revolution

Of all revolutions, and of all the revolutionary anthems, this song is all about the greatest of them all.

See How He Loves You – Greg Albrecht

There's a great story about a little boy who was trying to learn the Lord's Prayer. One night he was kneeling down by his bed, and he prayed: "Our Father who are in heaven, how do you know my name?" St. Augustine, revered as one of the great theologians of the Christian faith, once said that Jesus loves each of us as if there was no one else to love. Time after time we read in the four Gospels about people Jesus met who felt and experienced his radically personalized, individual affection—no one they had ever known had talked to them, treated them and spent time with them the way Jesus did. The eyes out of which Jesus saw and ...