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The Road Less Taken

The road, path or way we walk is a symbol of our commitment to the direction we are headed and evidence of our thanksgiving to Jesus who invites us to walk with him.

From Garbage and Manure to New Life

The riches and treasures of God's grace arrive in amazing and miraculous ways in our lives, often coming from something that seems to have little or no value. God is in the recycling business!   https://www.ptm.org/mp3/FreeDwnld/RCWR433.mp3

Destroyed But Not Defeated

As Christ-followers, when we give our best in the face of overwhelming odds, we are assured that because of Christ we might be destroyed but never defeated. https://www.ptm.org/mp3/FreeDwnld/RCWR432.mp3  

Extravagant Love

A dinner in Jesus' honor is sandwiched between the death and resurrection of Lazarus and Jesus. With the smell of death in the air, Mary, Lazarus' sister, pours out an extravagant act of love.

Running With Horses

One of the great travesties and tragedies of modern Christendom is the idea that Christianity means having your best life, in terms of health and wealth, now. When Jeremiah complained about his fiery trials, God told him that he hadn't run with the horses yet.

He Touched Me

When Jesus healed a leper he gave a bear hug to someone who was considered untouchable, even by religious priests. Join us as we consider the significance of Jesus' embrace.

Little People

Inside a big, ornate religious building Jesus pointed out one of the little people to his disciples - a defenseless, vulnerable and preyed upon woman who was in religious bondage.

The End-less Choices of Christ-less Religion

Is your relationship with God best defined by the choices and decisions you make, or the choice God has made in extending an invitation to you?

Love Your Enemies

As we study the radical call of Jesus to love our enemies we realize that the "business as usual" teaching of Christ-less Christendom allows for Christians to kill their enemies - in fact it allows for Christians killing each other.

Of Whom the World Was Not Worthy

Hebrews 11 is filled with praise for world changers who, as revolutionary Christ followers, believed and practiced the life changing extreme grace of the gospel. God is calling each of us to be world changers!

Our Sure Foundation

The foundation is the most important part of any spiritual or physical building/house, yet it is normally unseen and unappreciated. What does biblical teaching about our spiritual foundation being in Christ alone specifically mean for us?

Who Gets In?

The book of Acts records God directing Philip to meet and embrace the Ethiopian eunuch - that event guides our thinking as we contrast religious elitism and exclusivism with the inclusive invitation and welcome God extends to everyone.