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Love – No Fear

Religion is all about shame and honor, but real Christianity is about God’s love and grace. There is no fear — no shame — no guilt, in God’s perfect love.

Grace at Church

Grace can happen “at” church — but grace is seldom offered on religious menus. Join us in celebrating the riches of God’s grace.

When Your Dreams End Up In the Pit

Sometimes our dreams wind up in a pit. If you find yourself in a pit, even if things get worse before they get better, if your hope is in the Lord, he will rescue you.

Our Hope Is In the Lord

Happiness in the here and now is not the supreme hope for Christ-followers. Our hope is in the Lord, and the highway to his heaven, which may include suffering, as a necessary and natural part of the journey.

Hooking Up With God

God’s relationship with you is far from the spiritual equivalent of a one night stand. Commitment and permanence are the basis of God’s relationship with you, and the foundation of how he wants you to know him.

I Make All things New

Come together with us as we pray for those in religious bondage. Worship God with us, worship our Savior who transforms all things, especially human hearts.

What Is God Looking For?

David was not among the final contestants for the prophet Samuel’s American Idol-like judging for the new king of Israel. What God is actually looking for surprised everyone then — and it still does.

My Father and Your Father

As we celebrate Father's Day we celebrate earthly fathers and we worship our heavenly Father, giving thanks that 1) we have a heavenly Father who is God and 2) a God we know as Father.

Losing Your Religion — Embracing Grace

Religion is all about what you think you have done for God. Grace is all about what God has done for you. God’s grace will cause you to lose your religion.

Do You Really Want What You Deserve?

The good news is that because of God’s grace we do not get what we deserve.

The End of Religion

Jesus came to put an end to the oppressive demands of religion. Jesus didn’t and doesn’t care about all of the futile religious attempts to "get right with God" because in him God made it right.

Be Content – Trust In God

Jesus tells us that the faith he imparts to us will help us overcome any and all obstacles we may encounter. Pastor Greg talks about some of the obstacles we can overcome with the faith God gives us, by his grace.