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Beatitudes #5

In this fifth and last sermon in our series on the beatitudes, we ponder why we would ever be persecuted for "righteousness sake" and why a Christ follower experiences inner peace and joy while being persecuted.

Beatitudes #4

Keeping in mind that these eight fruits of God's favor are descriptive of what he does rather than prescriptions for what we must produce via our own hard work, we'll take a closer look at how God empowers us to be pure in heart and to become peacemakers.

Beatitudes #3

As we ponder what it means to be blessed by hungering and thirsting for righteousness and being merciful, we remember that these be-attitudes are God's gift, his handiwork, lived in our lives by and through Jesus.

Beatitudes #2

We continue our series on the beatitudes by considering what it means to be blessed and by studying the beatitudes/blessings of mourning and of being meek.

Beatitudes #1

Join us for this first sermon in our five-part series about the beatitudes. This message will discuss the blessing of being "poor in spirit" and provide an overview of all eight blessings that form the introduction to Jesus' Sermon on the Mount.

October 2022

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December 2021

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November 2021

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Jul-Aug 16

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May-Jun 16

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Mar-Apr 16

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Jan-Feb 16

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